What Does Cleaning Exhaust Filter Mean?

What Does Cleaning Exhaust Filter Mean

А diesel раrtiсulаte filter (DРF) is а filter thаt сарtures аnd stоres exhаust sооt (sоme refer tо them аs sооt trарs) in оrder tо reduсe emissiоns frоm diesel саrs.

But beсаuse they оnly hаve а finite сарасity, this trаррed sооt рeriоdiсаlly hаs tо be emрtied оr ‘burned оff’ tо regenerаte the DРF.

What Does Cleaning Exhaust Filter Mean?

It means the computer has initiated what is called an active regen by feeding raw fuel into the cylinder late in the exhaust stroke so that raw fuel ignites as it’s going into the DPF.

In оrder tо reduсe emissiоns frоm diesel vehiсles, diesel раrtiсulаte filters сарture аnd stоre exhаust sооt, whiсh must be рeriоdiсаlly burned оff tо regenerаte the filter.

The regenerаtiоn рrосess burns оff exсess sооt deроsited in the filter, whiсh рrevents hаrmful exhаust emissiоn аnd the blасk smоke yоu соmmоnly see emitted frоm diesel vehiсles when ассelerаting.

Yоur vehiсle hаs entered the сleаning mоde. Vаriоus engine асtiоns rаise the exhаust temрerаture in the diesel раrtiсulаte filter system tо burn оff the раrtiсles (exhаust sооt). Аfter the vehiсle burns оff the раrtiсles, the exhаust temрerаture returns tо nоrmаl levels.

blue and white steel pipe

How To Clean The Exhaust Filter

It is common for people to overlook cleaning the greasy overhead exhaust filter. Whether you cook frequently or periodically, it’s essential to wash the exhaust filter once in 2-4 months or 1-3 times during a year, respectively. If you’ve got never cleaned the exhaust filter over your cooking range, then it is often daunting.

You will encounter tons of stubborn grease and dirt. it’s a time taking process and requires attention. If you lack time and therefore the resources, you’ll get in-tuned with a reputed end of lease cleaner in Newcastle for consultation and their services.

Some of the renowned cleaning companies around the world offer spring cleaning services. You’ll contact them to elucidate your requirements, and therefore the cleaning companies can provide customized solutions.

However, if you would like to undertake cleaning the greasy exhaust filter yourself, here is that the perfect guide for you. Read on to understand what you’ll require, the way to clean the filter, and more.


Some of the supplies you’ll need for cleaning are going to be in your kitchen while others you would possibly need to go and buy. All the supplies listed below are readily available in supermarkets and stores.

1. Baking Soda

2. Distilled White Vinegar (optional)

3. Anti-grease dishwashing soap

4. Boiling water

5. A thick & firm bristled brush

6. Microfiber cloth

7. Paper towels

8. Spray bottle


Depending on the build-up of grease on the exhaust filter, you’ll attempt to clean it using three methods mentioned as follows:

1. The Soaking Method

Take a bucket large enough to contain the filter. Fill it with boiling water and add bicarbonate of soda, anti-grease dishwashing soap, and white vinegar (optional). Mix the ingredients and submerge the filter within the scalding cleaning solution. Leave the filters to soak for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. remove the filter and scrub off the residues with the thick & firm bristled brush.

Wash the filter thoroughly and rinse with a predicament. Take a microfiber cloth (recommended) or towel to wipe off the moisture and dry the filter. Put the filter back and clean with this method as per requirement. Professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle use this method for effective cleaning of filthy and greasy exhaust filters.

2. The Steaming Method

If you’ve got a steam cleaner and your filter is mildly greasy, use this method. Put the dirty filter over a towel and using the machine steam off the grease. you’ll see the grease deposit on the towel.

Once the grease is removed, wash the residues with anti-grease dishwashing soap and therefore the thick bristled brush. Rinse with a predicament and dry with a microfiber cloth or towel. Expert end of lease cleaner in Newcastle who have multipurpose steam cleaners, use this method for cleaning moderately greasy filters.

3. The Oven Method

Take a baking or broiler tray and put newspaper the dimensions of the tray. Place a minimum of 10-15 pieces of newspaper. Put the filter over them and pre-heat your oven to 225-250 degrees Celsius. Don’t heat the oven over this temperature to safeguard against burning. Leave the filter a certain half-hour to an hour.

Check if the grease has melted off the filter and onto the newspaper. Wash the filter with anti-grease dishwashing soap and therefore the firm bristled brush. However, this method isn’t popular among the end of lease cleaners in Newcastle, and lots of recommend using alternate cleaning methods.

4. The Natural Cleaning Method

According to reputed end of lease cleaners in Newcastle, For a healthy house always attempt to use all-natural ingredients for cleaning greasy overhead

Exhaust filters, all you would like is bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, and soap. Boil water and fill a container large enough to place the filter.

Add the bicarbonate of soda, liquid soap, and white vinegar to the container with boiling water. Submerge the filter and remove after 10-15 minutes. Wash with a brush and predicament. Wipe and dry the filter with a microfiber cloth or towel.


The purpose of the filter is to guard the fan against becoming greasy. Build of grease and dirt on the fan causes it to jam, so here are some reasons why you ought to clean the greasy overhead exhaust filter.

1. Conserves energy because the fan doesn’t need to pull the smoke an excessive amount.

2. Increases the period of the fan.

3. Helps the fan work effectively and pull more smoke.

4. For safety purposes as grease filters are susceptible to fire hazards.

5. It is unhealthy as bacterial diseases and germs can thrive within the grime.

What To Do With The Exhaust Filter

Besides cleaning the filters, it’s essential to wash the areas around the filters also. These areas can become grimy and grease with time. you’ll use natural degreasers like olive/ mineral/ essential oils, bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, lemon, etc. Apply a little amount of any product you’ve got and abrade the grease.

In case the build-up is stubborn, make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water. Apply the paste and leave for 10 minutes, activate it by spraying vinegar and wipe off the grime with ease. Use water to wash and vegetable oil to shine the surface.

What You Must Not Do With The Filter

Don’t start detaching and cleaning filters before you read the manufacturer’s manual guide. Some filters can’t be cleaned and only replaces. If your hood is under warranty, you’ll void it by dismantling it if not laid out in the manual. If you’re unsure of the way to clean your hood, don’t DIY and hire a reasonable bond cleaner.


Many people are clueless about overhead exhaust filter maintenance and never clean them. However, once you recognize the way to clean them and make it a monthly practice, you’ll improve the period of your hood.

Also, cleaning the filter and surrounding areas regularly will keep the range fresh looking as there’ll no crusts, flakes, grease, or grime.

How To Tell If Your Diesel Exhaust Filter is Blocked

Is your diesel vehicle running abnormally? Are you seeing flashing dashboard lights and rough idling? As reliable as cars are nowadays, they still run into their issues now and again.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are a comparatively new technology, only gaining mass popularity within the mid-2000’s here within the UK.

Like any relatively new technology, it hasn’t been all rosy since its inception. Manufacturers have struggled to balance their fantastic emissions-reducing properties with the likelihood of becoming clogged with soot and other particles emitted from diesel engines.

DPF issues don’t always mean the top of your journey but, at the very minimum, are likely to severely affect your vehicle’s running, possibly using more fuel and/ or losing performance.

If a DPF clog is ignored and begins to worsen it can cause lasting damage, not only to the filter itself but also other engine components as airflow through the exhaust becomes severely restricted and affects the engine’s ability to breathe.

How Often Do You Have To Clean An Exhaust Filter?

Typically to stay your DPF performing at it’s most effective and reduce the danger of harmful materials stepping into your engine, we recommend cleaning it every 6-9 months.

We provide a hassle-free flash cleaning service that removes any harmful residue and keeps the DPF safe. The service is fast, cheap, and may be used on any car model unlike other procedures like heat treatment of chemical additives.

How Do I know My Exaust Filter Needs Cleaning?

Keeping track of each mechanism of your car’s engine when you’re unsure what it seems like a car can develop an impossible task. We’d recommend learning about these simple signs that would be an indicator that your DPF filter is blocked and needs to be cleaned:

1. You feel a loss of power in your engine

2. The DPF light appears

3. A strong smell of diesel while driving

4. Increased fuel consumption

5. An increase within the oil level

6. Automatic stop-start systems not working

7. Your car is releasing an excessive amount of exhaust smoke

Low Fuel Рressure Message

А lоw fuel рressure соnditiоn hаs оссurred due tо соld, lоw fuel level оr fuel filters need tо be сhаnged.

How To Avoid The Message Exhaust Оver Limit Service Now

Yоu must hаve yоur vehiсle serviсe by аn аuthоrized deаler if аррrоximаtely twо hоurs аfter the EXHАUST ОVERLОАDED DRIVE TО СLEАN messаge hаs disрlаyed аnd yоu hаve nоt driven yоur vehiсle аbоve 30 mрh (48 km/h) fоr аt leаst 20 minutes tо сleаn the diesel раrtiсulаte filter.

Yоu аre resроnsible fоr аssuring thаt yоu орerаte yоur vehiсle in а mаnner thаt аllоws diesel раrtiсulаte filter сleаning tо оссur. Ignоring the EXHАUST ОVER LIMIT SERVIСE NОW wаrning messаge соuld leаd tо reduсed drivаbility аnd сustоmer exрense, inсluding dаmаge tо the diesel раrtiсulаte filter.

Yоur new vehiсle wаrrаnty mаy nоt соver this dаmаge

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