Top 7 Best Cleaning Products For RV

Top 7 Best Cleaning Products For RV

Recreational Vehicle abbreviated as RV is a motorhome that people can live in, especially during holidays, it contains things like beds, cooking equipment, kitchen, a bath, and living space, some even have washing machines!

RV has different versions and the most luxurious versions have slide-out sections that expand your living space, it also has leather sofas, more than one washroom, 48-inch TVs in the living space and the master bedroom, and sometimes a cocktail cabinet.

RVs tend to pick up a lot of dirt and grime at campgrounds and RV parks, hence the need to clean it regularly.

Even if you use your RV on weekends or it’s just packed, you still need to clean it from time to time.

Top 7 Best Cleaning Products For Your Recreational Vehicle(RV)

Below are the top seven best cleaning products for your RV, this will help you make a good choice.

1. Premium RV Slide Out

Premium RV Slide-Out Rubber Seal Conditioner enhances slide-out function and lengthens the life of the seals. When used regularly this effective product protects and lengthens the life of RV Slide Outs.

  • Designed to thwart fading, cracking, and deterioration
  • It contains graphite and other special ingredients which enhances the slide-out function
  • It contains long-lasting UV protection
  • The protective coating repels water
  • It cleans, conditions, and shines
  • It does not require wiping
  • It can also be used on window and door seals as well as tires.
  • The spray nozzles do not spray more than 12-18inches
  • It is not good on cable slide-outs.

2. Wet or Waterless Car Wash WAX ALL

Wash Wax ALL is a biodegradable, high-quality, aircraft-grade wet or waterless wash and wax in one product. Clean & protect your vehicle, with or without water, anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions. Simply spray on and wipe dry for waterless washing or spray on as you dry your just wet-washed vehicle.

  • This cleaning product gently cleans and protects your RV while leaving a Non-Stick UV Protective Coating on its surfaces.
  • It is very easy to use; all you have to do is just spray it and wipe it dry.
  • You can also use it as a Waterless Wash and Wax as you dry your just washed RV.
  • A little amount sprayed can go a long way, it doesn’t consume much quantity.
  • Wash and Wax is a high-quality product.
  • It is Water Based and free of Alcohol & Ammonia.
  • It is eco-friendly as it is plant-based and biodegradable.
  • You can use it on all surfaces. It is safe to use on all surfaces both inside and out.
  • It is also Human Friendly, as it does not cause eye or skin irritation like some other cleaning products.
  • Wax will protect and enhance the shine you currently have.
  • It saves water
  • It has a pleasant smell.
  • You can wash your car anywhere using this cleaning product
  • It can be used on all paint type
  • It works better on painted surfaces than on fiberglass.
  • The spray does not cover the vehicle evenly enough

3. Camco RV toilet treatment Drop-In Camco’s TST Lavender

Drop-Ins help control unwanted odors and break down waste and tissue in your black water holding tank. These easy-to-use drop-Ins contain a blend of lavender-scented surfactant oils that trap unwanted odors in your tank, making your camping experience more enjoyable.

Camco’s TST brand sanitation treatment has been around for over 20 years. They work by breaking down waste and tissue, stopping odors for up to seven days. Each TST drop-in is in a granular form inside a pouch that dissolves in water. One is all that is needed to treat up to a 40-gallon tank.

They don’t contain harmful formaldehyde, pesticides, or biocides.

  • These cleaning products eliminate odors and help break down waste in your RV’s holding tank
  • It is Ultra-concentrated and just one Drop-In treats up to a 40-gallon tank
  • It does not contain pesticides, biocides, or the toxic formaldehyde-releasing ingredient bronopol
  • It is RV and marine approved and safe for all septic tanks
  • It has a Fresh, Lavender scent.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • No pressure build-up.
  • The plastic does not dissolve.
  • It does not keep the smell away for a long time.

4. Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax

The Gel-Gloss is a brand by TR Industries which offers a complete line of the highest quality cleaners and polishes for the majority of surfaces found within the home and RV. Gel-Gloss can be used to polish the exterior of your RV.

TR Industries introduces its consumer line of cleaning and polishing products to meet the demands within the automotive and home cleaning market.

  • It cleans and waxes in just one step
  • Contains carnauba wax which is good for protection
  • It is Biodegradable
  • It does not remove previously applied wax
  • It is very safe and easy to use
  • It is not expensive.
  • It leaves behind a streak in some cases
  • It requires you to scrub, lightly.

5. Starbrite RV Wash and Wax

Starbrite RV wash and wax is particularly designed to clean and shine in one step, which saves time and money. It gets rid of road grime, mud, dust, bug deposits, and grease from the surfaces of the RV and also adds a deep shine to it. This cleaning product contains UV inhibitors, which help in preventing fading.

  • Cleans and enhances shine in one step;
  • It contains PTEF polymers which enhances shine
  • It also contains UV inhibitors which help to prevent fading
  • Concentrated formula is tough on dirt yet economical to use; a few capfuls cleans a full-size RV
  • Specifically designed to get rid of road grime, bug debris, dust, mud among others from RV surfaces.
  • It does not remove coating, wax, or polish
  • Safe for all exterior RV surfaces as it is non-toxic,
  • It is a biodegradable formula

6. Spring Fresh

Camco TastePURE Spring Fresh cleans and deodorizes your RV fresh water systems with a safe formula. It cleanses any freshwater tank or line. Spring-fresh is good for periodic cleaning, freshening, and deodorizing.

This cleaning product does not need mixing or preparation before use. A gallon of solution can clean up to a 100-gallon tank.

  • Spring-fresh cleans your drinking water and stops bad odors by deodorizing the water
  • It is very safe for RV applications
  • It does not require measuring, mixing, or preparation
  • It is excellent for cleaning your freshwater tank and water lines
  • One gallon cleans up to a 100-gallon tank
  • It does not have any harsh smell like bleach does.
  • It requires extra rinsing
  • It doesn’t remove the smell from the heater/hot water supply.

7. Organic Happy Campers

Happy Camper is very cheap and also, very effective in neutralizing odor. Happy Camper is a highly concentrated water-activated mineral blend that eliminates sewer odor without covering it up with perfume.

Happy Camper works mostly like an enzyme or bioactive treatment though it is not affected by residuals and you do not need to regularly treat it.

  • Happy Camper gets rid of the odor.
  • After use, it leaves behind absolutely no sewer smell
  • It works in all temperature ranging from extreme hot to cold temperatures (over 100° F)
  • Happy Campers liquify solids waste with the most ordinary household tissue without any need for any expensive special tissue.
  • It is not expensive
  • Eco friendly and biodegradable
  • Happy Camper has enough waste treating power that 1 scoop of it will treat a 40-gallon black tank.
  • It breaks down waste in just a few hours after application.
  • Happy Camper holding tank treatment can also be used to eliminate clogs in kitchen sinks and showers without damaging RV’s plumbing.
  • The lid is not durable, it spoils easily
  • It’s hard to get sometimes

The above cleaning products for recreational vehicles (RV) were chosen because of their reviews, their ingredients, and their price. All the above-selected bathtub cleaners are rated above four stars. And they are environmentally friendly, some are biodegradable, reusable, saves waste, and quite cheap.

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