Top 6 Best Laminate Floor Cleaner

Top 6 Best Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate floors need special attention and care requirements, this is why you must choose the cleaner carefully and wisely to avoid damages. Making your laminate floor sparkling Clean is very achievable, I’m about to show you the top 6 best laminate floor cleaners. This will serve as a guide for you to make your floor sparkling clean.

Has your floor been messy and dirty? It could be that you have been using the wrong cleaner all this while, but not to worry, this article will enlighten you on the correct cleaner to use for your laminate floor. So let’s get started.

Top 6 Best Laminate Floor Cleaner
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There are so many cleaning types of equipment for cleaning your laminate floor, but let’s look at the 7 Best cleaners for your laminate floor.

1. Black Diamond Stoneworks Laminate Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Stoneworks Laminate Floor Cleaner is a liquid and non-toxic cleaner, it’s just an awesome cleaner, which provides a streak-free clean whenever you use it, it removes spills, oil, dust, and all kinds of stains on the floor. It is also safe around children and pets, so you don’t need to be afraid of using this in your house.

This cleaner is not difficult to apply, it doesn’t require much protocol, all you need to do is, spray a little on the floor especially on the part that is stained, then wipe it away, you don’t need to rinse at all. You see it’s so stress-free, affordable, and also durable, just a little spray can clean a lot.

  • It cleans up elementary dirt and smut
  • The formula is Water-based and hence, simple and not very dangerous.
  • No not require rinsing
  • It removes streak from floors
  • The spray nozzle is not safe
  • it is somewhat expensive

2. Better Life Floor Cleaner

This is an all-natural cleaning product, which can be used not just for laminate floors but for also vinyl, tile, marble, and wood floors. It disinfects actively and also sanitizes the floor very well. Better Life’s terminates all sorts of dirt Naturally, you don’t need to do much, just squirt a little on the floor then you wipe gently, as you wipe the floor you will notice all the dirts disappearing with ease and leaving no residue on the floor, so you don’t even need to rinse the floor or clean multiple times.

I noticed some pros and little cons of this product while using it, I’ll like to share it with you because it will definitely be helpful to you.

  • It has a nice fragrance and no harsh odor at all. So you see you might not need to spray deodorant in your house after cleaning with Better life floor cleaner.
  • It doesn’t require the extra stress of rinsing the floor after cleaning.
  • It is a Plant-derived cleaning agent, this is what gives it that natural touch.
  • It is not harmful or dangerous around kids and pets.
  • It is very accessible and affordable. It is not expensive like some other products, yet it is very effective and affordable
  • There are also some things about this product you might not like, so it’s important you know so you can make your choice.
  • The cap usually leaks, this is bad because whenever it leaks the content wastes.
  • It doesn’t have a spray applicator, therefore you are likely to pour or use more than expected.
  • It is not durable. From the way it’s the container is designed, the product doesn’t last long, because it’s either you use more than you want or it pours out from the cap.

Asides from these disadvantages Better life floor cleaner is really nice and recommendable for your laminate floor.

3. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

This shark navigator helps to clean the floor, pulls out hidden dirt and dust from the floor, and keeps the floor really clean. If you want to vacuum your laminate floor without scratching the surface or the finish, this is the exact one for you. It has a brush roll shutoff which helps to clean the floor and a handle where you hold in other to move it around.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of using this machine I’ll like to show you.

  • It is very nice for the laminate floor and many other floors including carpets. It also does amazing wonders on hard floors, you won’t believe it.
  • The lift-away function is very convenient, it has a two-power setting on the machine so it is not so stressful to operate, you can even control the buttons with your feet. It also has fingertip controls in the handle, the suction power can easily be adjusted.
  • The machine has a detachable design, which means that the body is able to detach from the wheels. The pipe in the wand can be detached from the machine to clean all corners of the stairs easily.
  • It is not expensive, so both high and low-class people can afford it. 
  • It makes a lot of noise and this can really be discomforting especially for other people in the house. Imagine having an important conversation in your living room and suddenly your house keeper decides to clean the floor, it will distract you definitely.
  • It doesn’t pick larger items easily, so sometimes you might need to make lots of attempts while other times you might even give up.

 4. Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner

Is your laminate floor too messy that even after cleaning you still see footsteps and some stains? Rejuvenate all floors cleaner says it’s over, this cleaner wipes out completely these stains and keeps your floor sparkling clean. You don’t even need to apply plenty, just a little can go a long way.

It’s not difficult to apply, just spray on the floor then use a clean mop to wipe the surface, after then rinse the mop and clean up again. It is good to after some other time. This cleaner promotes a very clean and sparkling floor, the only thing I don’t like about it is that you will have to rinse after wiping, unlike the other floor cleaners. 

This cleaner is so effective and awesome, just try it and see for yourself. It contains a bio-enzymatic which protects your floor and of course, erases all sorts of stains on it. This cleaner makes the laminate floor shiny.

There are some specific care requirements that must be strictly adhered to, in using laminate floor in other to increase and extend its life span. Would you like to improve the look and extend the life of your laminate flooring?

These types of floors have specific care requirements and can’t handle excessive moisture, making it important to choose a laminate floor cleaner wisely. If you already have an old stain which is though, just fix the spray nozzle attached to the gallon and spray your nature’s miracle floor cleaner on it and trust me it does the miracle. 

  • It cleans very well with no residue.
  • It does not make the floor too slippery
  • It does not have toxic ingredients and so it is safe for kids and pets
  • It has a nice smell
  • It dries fast
  • It is likely to spread liquids
  • For you to maintain its shiny effect on the floor, you have to continually apply it too often

5. Zep Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

This cleaner has a good formula, it comes in a value-sized jug and you can use it straight from the container without diluting and it is very safe for your laminate floor, acrylic, and polyurethane-finished wood, baseboards, cabinet doors, and crown molding. You don’t have to be scared at all, it is very safe for them.

Zep Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner has a neutral formula that helps to add color to your floor and make it shinier as if its brand new.

  • It dissolves scuff marks
  • It is not complicated to dispense
  • It is odorless
  • It does not do well at removing dried, sticky soil
  • It might take recounted passes to remove all test soils

6. Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop Cleaner

The Swiffer product has the right quality of solution which helps to break tough stains, removes sticky messes, stops every form of damages, and brings out the real beauty of the laminate floor. I’ve realized that cleaning my laminate floor with Swiffer product makes cleaning very quick and stress-free. It relieves you from getting access directly to dirty water. I really love this product and trust me it does wonders quickly on your laminate floor.

  • It is light and doesn’t weigh much
  • It is easy to attach and remove pads
  • It works well on almost all hard floors
  • Some of the parts can easily be broken
  • Before tough stains can be removed, you might have to increase pressure.

Laminate floor if not properly taken care of can be damaged and dirty, therefore you must make your choice wisely if you want the best cleaner for your laminate floor.

However, the issue of choosing the right cleaner for your laminate floor is no more a big deal, you can choose from these top 6 laminate floor cleaners and you will definitely get amazing results beyond your expectations.

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