The Top7-Commercial Cleaning Steps 2021

The Top7-Commercial Cleaning Steps

The industry standard of commercial cleaning follows seven steps when approaching any room to clean. These tactics often involve tackling certain objects first before proceeding to the next steps. The following is a description of each step and why it is important to follow consecutively.

The Top 7-Commercial Cleaning Steps are:

1. Dispose of Trash 

The first step to take before any actual cleaning occurs is waste removal. Garbage bags and liners first must be emptied and disposed of. Following this, the inner part of the bin must be thoroughly sanitized. Finally, replace the bin liner with a fresh bag.

2. High dust 

The next step following this is dusting anything above shoulder level while working in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. This is done in order to make the latter cleanup of lower sections not wasted, since the additional dirt and dust that would be spilled would require extra cleanup. This also makes the damp mopping process much easier, much like sweeping a floor of the debris before mopping.

3. Damp wipe 


The next step that follows is the use of a damp cloth mixed with a neutral disinfectant, which is applied to all high-touch surfaces except for glass surfaces. Common high touch surfaces include light switches, phones, doorknobs, and desks in the case of an office. This is an extremely important step due to the threat of bacteria concentrated on these surfaces.

4. Stock 

After cleaning the high-touch surfaces, the next step requires remediation of some sort. Especially in the case of bathroom products like toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, which aid in common cleanliness must be restocked for two purposes. One function is that if publicly available cleaning items are available, it will help reduce the spread of bacteria and another contagion. The second of course is to maintain social standards.

5. Dust mop 

With all the shoulder level/ high surfaces cleaned, it is time to move to the lower areas including the floor. This step involves using dust or ‘dry’ mop to collect floor dust in order to make the next step easier. Bulky items and obstructing objects must be navigated around, no corner must be left with uncollected dirt as this is also a health hazard.

6. Inspection 

Before proceeding to the last step, it is important to have a walk around the premises and inspect the area for additional cleaning, or for anything broken/ out of the ordinary. It is not required of a janitor or commercial cleaner to repair any damaged items, however, it is important that damages be reported to the owner.

Finding damages early on in this step also does not interfere with the wet mopping process, which may cause extra cleaning time if dirt is tracked across the floor.

7. Damp-mop 

The final step to cleaning a room includes the wet mopping process, which adds a very delicate finish to the floor which can easily be disrupted. Fill a cleaning bucket with a neutral or diluted cleaner (like bleach and lots of water, but never mix bleach with other cleaners).

Mop around the edges of the premises as best as possible, then pursue the center by poking toward the middle in an eight-sided star shape to minimize the chances of stepping on the wet floor. Once this is complete, the floor must be left to air dry.


Never forget to openly display the wet floor sign, or else someone may be injured and incur legal penalties on yourself or your organization. Cleaning is one very important thing to put into consideration while thinking of acquiring a space. Is it easy to clean? Can you handle it alone? If you can or if it’s easy, do you know how to go about it?

Let’s face it, not everyone knows the processes of keeping a space clean!

Knowing the necessary measures to follow while caring for a place is important and also, spaces differ according to their cleaning procedure. This article is centered on the various processes which have been dissected and it is noteworthy that it is a worldwide accepted guideline for cleaning.

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