Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat Review

Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat Review

The Sigma brush cleaning mat is simply an indispensable brush cleaner made specifically for brush users. It is the gateway to having clean and hygienic brushes. Built to fit in most sinks, it is very convenient to use. The rubber mat provides the options of different levels of cleaning as it has seven different textures. It also features suction pods under the mat to ensure that it is firmly stuck to any surface it is placed on. 

An efficient and simple way to clean your makeup brushes is by using the Sigma brush cleaning mat. It is built with high-quality silicone material that is safe for use. This cleaning mat measures 38.5 cm long and 25 cm wide, enabling it to fit snugly into most sinks. Beauty lovers can’t just get enough of this cleaning mat.

Features And Details 

I have taken the time to list the features and details of the Sigma brush cleaning mat. You should check them out. 

7 Different Textures 

This Spa Brush Cleaning Mat is designed innovatively to feature 7 different textures to accommodate different levels of cleaning. These various levels of cleaning are well suited for cleaning the different types of face and eye brushes. They are all used to wash, rinse and enhance various brushes of every size. 

Suction Cups 

This cleaning mat features secure suction cups under it to ensure that the mat is attached securely to any flat surface it is placed on. It is the suction cups that help it fit into most sinks. The suction cups also enable you to clean the brushes quickly without having to hold any of them. 

Effective And Efficient 

A must-have for every brush user and beauty lover, this brush cleaning mat works effectively and efficiently to get rid of bacteria and makeup residue on brushes. This helps to achieve better and brighter skin. It also helps the ease of application of makeup with brushes.


The compact design of this cleaning mat makes it portable and convenient to carry about. It is smaller than the initial Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat by 32%. It is built from high-quality silicone material that is safe for use.

Perfect for use on average collections of brushes 

Used to deliver positive results on time 


It comes with a free 2-year warranty 

  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Has suction cups to stick perfectly 
  • Deep cleans makeup brushes quickly 
  • Easy to roll up and store away 
  • Quite pricey 
  • Mat is too big to fit into most sinks

The Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat has a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon. The brand had beauty lovers and brush users in mind when churning out this model of brush cleaning mats. As usual, they delivered on their promise of high quality, affordable and working cleaning products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do You Use A Sigma Brush Mat?

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to make use of a Sigma brush cleaning mat:

  • Place the mat in an upright position in the sink and secure it underneath with the use of the suction cups.
  • Wet the dirty brush under warm, running water.
  • Using any washing liquid, shampoo or foam, apply about 1-3 pumps of the cleaning fluid on either the wash texture or on the fibers of the brush. 
  • Stir brush on the wash texture. Use eye textures for smaller brushes and face textures for larger brushes.
  • Rinse out the brushes thoroughly and leave to air dry. 
2. What’s The Ideal Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Want to know the perfect and best way to get your makeup brushes all squeaky clean? In just seven steps, your dirty makeup brushes will be transformed into clean, hygienic, and looking good as new pieces. See the seven steps below:

  • Soak the bristles of the brushes in lukewarm water.
  • Add a drop of your choice of cleaning fluid into the palm of your hand. Make sure that your palm is clean.
  • With the palm containing the cleaning fluid, massage the tips of the brush bristles gently.
  • Then, rinse the bristles thoroughly.
  • Wring out the excess moisture in the bristles with a clean towel.
  • Fix the brush head back to the bristles and make sure everything is in order. 
  • Dry the brush by hanging it in such a way that the bristles are hanging off the edge of a counter. This is the correct way to dry brush bristles. Do not allow your brushes to get dry while they are still placed on a towel. The dampness of the towel can introduce mildew into the brush bristles. 
  • Midway into washing the bristles, ensure that the base of the brush head (that is, the point where the brush head connects to the handle) is kept away from water and soap. The bristles are attached to the base with the aid of glue or adhesive. Therefore, continuous contact of detergent and water to the base of the brush head will cause the glue or adhesive to fall apart. This will in turn make the bristles become loose and begin to shed. 

You should also avoid drying your brushes with the bristles upturned as this can make water flow into the ferrule (this is the part of the brush that connects the handle to the bristles). This also causes the glue or adhesive to loosen and lead to the shedding of bristles.

3. How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

A lot of dermatologists think that you should soak your makeup tools, especially the concealer and foundation brushes for a minimum time of once a week. This is to avoid the buildup of products on the brushes and other tools. Because these brushes are always in direct contact with your face, the neater and cleaner they are, the better it is for you and your face. However, eyeliner and eye shadow brushes have a more lenient cleaning routine. Dermatologists think that brushes for use around the eyes (this includes eyeliner and eye shadow brushes) should be cleaned a minimum of twice a month. 

You have cleaner and clearer skin when you clean your makeup brushes frequently. Makeup artists opine that washing your makeup brushes regularly tends to extend the life span of your brush bristles. It also helps in the better application of makeup products with brushes. Brush sponges and hairs hold on to bacteria, debris, and oil because they are porous. Dirty brushes will make your makeup application spotty and this will make the blending of the makeup products on your face difficult.

4. When Is It Time To Get Rid Of A Makeup Brush?

Indeed, cleaning your brushes frequently can help to extend the life span of your brushes. But there are signs that you should not overlook when you want to determine whether the brushes are still capable of delivering the possible best jobs or not. 

When the brush bristles begin to shed, fray, or lose their shape, it is time to get rid of them. If you want to get the makeup application right, you have to make use of the right tools. Brushes that are squashed or pinched will not do a good job. Throw them away!

5. How Do You Use A Makeup Mat For Cleaning?

Just like our bodies, our makeup brushes need to be washed thoroughly regularly. Ignoring this fact will only result in the growth of dirt, bacteria, dust, and itching both on the face and on the brush. Hygienic and clean brushes are synonymous with healthy hair and skin. The most common and basic ways to clean makeup brushes are by cleaning with a cleaning pad or a makeup brush cleaning mat. Here’s a detailed guide of how to make use of a makeup brush cleaning mat for cleaning:

  • Attach the suction cups to the mat

A lot of makeup brush cleaning mats come with suction cups to help hold the mat firmly and keep it in place while cleaning brushes. The first thing to do is to add pressure to the mat so that the suction cups will release air from it. This will make the mat attach firmly to whatever surface you place it on. 

  • Soak brush bristles in water 

After fixing the suction cups beneath the mat, the next thing to do is to soak the brush bristles in water. Be careful when doing this, if the brush handle is made of wood. Do not let the wooden handle get too wet to avoid getting spoilt quickly. 

  • Apply your cleaning fluid 

This is the stage where you apply your cleaning fluid (this may be shampoo, cleanser, or soap) to the makeup brush. This is done to ensure that the brush is cleaned thoroughly. Be sure to choose the appropriate cleaning fluid not just for cleaning, but to get a hygienic outcome.

  • Swirl the brush bristles on the mat

Using different motions, swirl the brush bristles on the mat. Remember that there are different brush sizes. So, based on the size of the brush, you have to make use of different areas while cleaning. It is always better and easier to wash brushes of the same size together. 

  • Rinse out the brush bristles 

The scrubbing, cleaning, and swirling have loosened the debris, dust, and dirt in the brushes. Rinse out the brushes severally and thoroughly to get rid of them. 

Dry the brushes

The brushes should be dried thoroughly to avoid the growth of mold or mildew. You can make use of a hairdryer to dry quickly and thoroughly. Dry the brush by hanging it in such a way that the bristles are hanging off the edge of a counter. This is the correct way to dry brush bristles. 


The Sigma Brush Cleaning Matis a must-have for every brush user and beauty lover. It is simply phenomenal. Built to fit in most sinks, it is very convenient to use. It features suction pods under the mat to ensure that it is firmly stuck to any surface it is placed on. The rubber mat provides the options of different levels of cleaning as it has seven different textures.

It is built with high-quality silicone material that is safe for use. What’s there not to love about this makeup brush cleaning mat? I would recommend it to every makeup lover.

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