Rotobrush Duct Cleaning Review

Rotobrush Duct Cleaning Review

The Rotobrush is simply a piece of equipment that’s built to clear and clean your ducts, ensuring that you have a healthy supply of air. The mechanism of the device is to insert the brush in the duct that requires cleaning.

The inserted brush then rotates very speedily at the rate of 450 rpm. As the brush spins rapidly, it generates strong suction which enables the machine to has a good hold on collected debris for complete and proper disposal. 

Air ducts get congested by dust, dirt, and other debris with time. Even furnace ducts and air conditioning ducts are not left out. They can be polluted with bacteria and mold that are harmful to our health. Of course, the presence of these organisms causes contamination in the quality of indoor air.

The filter of your HVAC system can only do so much to prevent the contamination of air. Besides, your cooling and heating equipment will be subjected to extra work due to the accumulated dirt and dust in the ducts, if it must create the needed room temperature. This is one of the many reasons why you need a Rotobrush duct cleaner around. 

Features And Details 

Let’s look at some of the features and details of the Rotobrush Duct Clean system. We’ll be seeing some of its benefits as well. 

The Rotobrush Duct Cleaning system is a network of portable air duct cleaning machines that make use of vacuum systems driven by brushes. Let’s take a look at their working principles:

The suction of these machines is gotten from individual vacuum motors. These motors are akin to the powerful vacuum motors that are used in car wash equipment of high quality. 

A vacuum hose with a large diameter is outfitted. It has a quick-connect fitting attached to the end. This fitting lets the technician change brushes quickly to the right brush size needed to clean a particular duct to ensure that every part of the duct is cleaned. 

A drive cable lines the length of the large vacuum hose. At the end is a soft-bristled brush. The power for spinning the brush is provided by a separate drive motor. A sensitive clutch system controls the drive cable, preventing it from packing up and maybe, destroying any ductwork.

It has a portable system that absorbs the debris in your ductwork as it is being loosened by the cleaning brushes. Instead of pulling the collected debris through the entire ductwork, the brush is positioned few inches from the vacuum hose. 

Loosens Mold And Dirt

The spin cycle is very fast, thereby loosening debris and dirt and allowing the vacuum to easily get rid of them. 

Speedy Spin Cycle 

The rotating brush has an insane spin cycle of 450 rpm. This is paired with an extra 15ft hose to repel any form of dirt or debris in ductwork. 

The Rotobrush Duct Cleaning system can be used to clean office buildings, schools/universities, medical facilities, city halls, gyms, private houses, petrol stations, and any other place where the air is needed. With this air duct cleaning system, you can clean ducts with measurements ranging from 80 x 80cm to 550 x 550cm. The ducts can be round or rectangular.

Benefits Of The Rotobrush Technology

The benefit that takes the front burner for this duct cleaning system is the fact that it cleans extraordinarily, leaving your ducts cleaner than what’s obtainable with other cleaning systems. This is made possible by the spin cycle which loosens up the bulk of debris and dirt. 

Owing to the production of a 90% boost in the power of the vacuum, there is a complete removal of the buildup of mold, debris, and dirt. By the rotating brush’s speedy spinning, the accumulated debris in the duct is loosened and sucked out of the ductwork. 

If you want a thorough cleaning of your ductwork, think Rotobrush Duct Cleaning System. Other benefits you’ll be getting from this cleaning system include:

Little to no respiratory illnesses and allergies 

Healthier and fresher indoor air

Depleted accumulation of dust in your space

A furnace, air conditioning system, or combination HVAC system that requires less power to produce the desired air temperature

Maximum power is ensured by the circuit board which is controlled by power

Designed to have a bigger and better filter bag to enable the collection of bigger amounts of dust and debris

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can be handled by only one person
  •  Cleans effectively
  • User friendly
  • Quality is topnotch
  • Powerful vacuum level 
  • Durable 

• Quite pricey 

This product has a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Amazon. It is a powerful tool and is widely loved by lovers of fresh, healthy air.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What Is The Best Rotobrush Equipment?

The most portable and most powerful Rotobrush system to be produced yet is the BrushBeastTM. It is designed with an increase of up to 90% in vacuum power to enable it to get rid of the heaviest possible buildup in the duct system. It features a Speed Tray Carrier which has inbuilt holders (for placing your brushes and other accessories), and magnets to keep everything you need within reach. 

You cannot help but believe that the BrushBeast is truly powerful when you see it in action. It works on easily cleaning ducts with even the heaviest build-up of dust with its four powerful motors which artfully work together with the 450 RPM 120/220V brush motor. The beautiful part? It is safe to be used with just about any type of air duct and this includes the flex ducts. 

  • What Is The Mechanism Of The BrushBeastTM?

The leading vacuum system of the BrushBeastTM makes it stand out. Being the most powerful creation of Rotobrush Technology yet, it features 4 vacuum motors. The vacuum power of this duct cleaner has a 90% increase and with this enormous strength, no buildup of debris is too heavy for the BrushBeast to get rid of.

Even as powerful as the BrushBeast is, it has a simple and easy-to-use design. The hose can be coiled easily around the pod to maneuver the BrushBeast through any kind of space without hassles. The sloped sides make this possible. Maximum effectiveness and efficiency while cleaning out the innermost places are assured with its sleek design. 

It has a powerful hose and brush system. With a power output of 450 rpm, there is no amount of debris buildup that can’t be cleared by the BrushBeast. Being that the rotating cable is located within the hose, it can be used to clean all types of air duct applications, flexible ductwork inclusive. The debris that is not released back into the air is gathered by the suction from the vacuum system, leaving you with sparkling clean air ducts and minty-fresh air.

  • Can I Do Air Duct Cleaning Myself?

Air duct cleaning is not a do-it-yourself job per se. It needs thorough focus and dedication to get a good job done and as such, requires heavy-duty tools such as rotary brushes and high-powered vacuum that you can’t find lying around in a garage. Besides, not cleaning the ducts properly could damage them and you’ll end up spending heavily on repairs. 

You might be needing to take extra steps with regards to cleaning if there is mold growing on the sheet metal of your ductwork. Although you can’t see the ducts’ inner parts, there are easy ways to detect the buildup of mold. Damp filters, damp wall insulation, and odors are common signs of the presence of mold in ducts. Invite an HVAC professional from time to time to check for the presence and growth of mold in your ductwork. 

Insects, rodents, and other vermin can also infest ducts. The immediate attention of professionals is needed when this happens because the droppings of these animals are not healthy for your home and the environment.

  • What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Air Ducts?

Vents and air ducts do a lot of work wherever they are placed, and this explains the quick buildup of mold, dust, and dirt in them. So, let’s take a look at what happens when the buildup is not cleaned.

Buildup and spread of mold 

Mold comes into your air ducts and vents as a result of a prolonged buildup of debris. It is common in vents that have insulation. If water gets into the vent or there’s a buildup of condensation, there’s going to be leftover moisture in the vent. If there is no proper maintenance and cleaning of the vent and air duct over time, it’ll result in the growth of mildew and mold. 

The problem lies in the duty of your ducts to distribute air throughout an area. So, if there is mold growing in the ducts and vents, it’ll be dispersed alongside air to every part of your space. While the unpleasant and musty smell is nothing to write home about, the contaminated air will subsequently make people fall sick. 

Clogging of ducts 

When you leave the buildup of debris in ducts unattended, it’ll end up clogging the ducts. The buildup will increase and spill into the ducts themselves, the filters, and the walls of the vents. The airflow reduces causing a reduction in the effectiveness of your home heating and cooling system. In turn, the HVAC system will double up work to create a balance in the desired room temperature. The ducts can stop working altogether if the clogging is not attended to for a long time. 

Infestation of pests

Debris, dust, and moisture together create a good breeding atmosphere for pests. Household pests love to have their hideouts in untreated air ducts. The longer you neglect cleaning your air ducts, the higher the possibility of it turning into a breeding ground for pests. 

Unnecessary expenses

Were you expecting a pat on the back when you were neglecting your air ducts? Of course, it’s going to cost you a lot of extra money. The electricity bills will be on the high side and it’ll be difficult to maintain your heating and cooling system. And when you’re ready to resolve the issue, you’ll surely part with a lot of money. All these can be easily avoided if you run routine checks and clean your ducts regularly.


Rotobrush air duct cleaning system is everything you need to get your vents and air ducts squeaky clean and well maintained. It is innovative and powerful and is used to get rid of debris and dirt from even the most inaccessible parts of ducts. You need the services of this duct cleaning system if you’re a lover of fresh and healthy air.

I strongly recommend that you schedule duct cleaning, specifically the Rotobrush duct cleaning system if you’re having any of these problems:

  • Unusually high utility bills due to the abnormally high work output of the HVAC system 
  • Increased dust in your space 
  • Odors filtering in from your ducts 
  • If you begin to have allergy-related symptoms 

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