Rado Car Cleaning Gun Review

Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Tool Z-010

The Rado Car Cleaning Gun (Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Tool Z-010) has become the new easy and fast means to clean up every automotive surface. From plastic to carpet to upholstery, it works with the air compressor to get cleaning solution into corners and areas where your hand can’t reach. It cleans convertible tops, wheels, and body seams without any problems. It is best suited for both the interiors and exteriors of automotive.

This car cleaning gun is a long-lasting solution to the most difficult detailing jobs. It helps you go through cleaning very easily and thoroughly, to the minutest detail. The swinging tip and nozzle in the shape of a cone work together to cleanup a storm; such as the one you’ve never seen before. With this cleaning gun, grime, dust, and dirt are things of the past on just about any surface. Interested?


Features And Details 

I have compiled the features and details of the Rado Car Cleaning Gun. Here they are 

  • Fast And Easy To Use 

Do you want the easiest and fastest way to get all your automotive surfaces “spick ‘n span”? Rado is your best bet as it cleans inside out and air dries within seconds. You have nothing to worry about as the equipment has been tested and approved by the pros in the cleaning industry. It is an energy-saving and efficient way of doing thorough cleaning for automotive surfaces. 

  • Construction 

The construction of this car cleaning gun is heavy-duty. Made from aluminum alloy material and ABS, it is built with the main aim of accessing and cleaning where other tools cannot reach. It is constructed to go through low wear and it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. It is sturdy, doesn’t rust, and has low noise emissions. It is crafted with a combination of serology principles, making it easy to operate and simple to use.


  • Modes

It features two modes: the high and low modes. This gives you a variety of options to choose from. You make use of the modes to determine the power at which you want the car cleaning gun to perform. The low mode is powerful and does a considerable amount of work within a short period.

The high mode is like a tornado that blasts away every form of dirt within seconds. Although they’re both very fast at getting the work done, the different modes are well suited for different occasions and cleaning surfaces.

  • Design 

The body of the gun has a light but beautiful design. It is plated with nickel and is very durable. This equipment comes with a brush to help you access, navigate and clean the narrow gaps in your automotive. This makes it convenient to use. It features a bottle with a large capacity to hold enough liquid detergent for your cleaning.

It has an attached, wide handle to fit comfortably in your hand while you blast away the dirt. 

  • Operating Temperature

The equipment is built to operate at a temperature of between 10°C to 40°C. It has a working pressure of between 6kg to 9.2kg.


  • Easy to use 
  • Cleans very fast and effectively 
  • Airdries quickly 
  • Can be used on any material (carpet, vinyl, plastic, leather)


  • A bit pricey
  • The compressor is rather small 

This car cleaning gun has a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon. This is an indication that the company is good at what they do, and will be staying in the market for a long time.

  • 2 ITEM BUNDLE: Includes the Z-010 Classic Car Cleaner and Enzyme Multi Purpose Cleaner 2 oz
  • MULTIUSE: With the cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip create a tornado cleaning action that can be used on the interior such as carpets, mats, seats, dash area, and exterior such as rims
  • CLASSIC CLEANER: Releases a mist onto the surface that prevents oversaturation and will see the dirt start to release from the surface
  • CAR DETAILER: The less noisy design, and sealed ball bearings with with long term use and maximize effectiveness when cleaning a seat, carpet, and other parts of a vehicle
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Alloy handle with an ergonomic shape that is easy to hold, a hard density plastic cone, and a plastic jar is solid and has measuring points for accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How To Use Rado Car Cleaning Gun 

For hard surfaces

  • Set the air pressure of the equipment to a recommended 75 PSI.
  • Turn the water valve to the upright position. This is to open up the valve for spraying the cleaning solution.
  • Spray the desired area using overlapping motion.
  • Allow the solution to sit for about 10 to 15 seconds if it is really necessary.
  • Switch to the air by turning the water valve to the downward position.
  • Blow-dry the area. Afterward, polish the surface with a clean, soft towel.

For fabric surfaces,

  • First, get rid of the loose and large debris using a brush or vacuum.
  • Then, turn the water valve to the upright position. This is to open up the valve for spraying the cleaning solution.
  • Make sure that you hold the nozzle about 1 to 3 inches from the fabric while spraying.
  • Allow the solution to sit for about 10 to 15 seconds if it is really necessary.
  • Remove the excess liquid using a wet vacuum or a microfiber towel.
  • Switch to the air by turning the water valve to the downward position.
  • Then, dry the area.
2. Can I Use An Air Compressor To Wash A Car?

The importance of an air compressor for washing cars cannot be overemphasized. It can stand in when you’re running a maintenance pressure washing. 

Ranging from thorough pressure washings to less serious jobs such as washing powered toy cars for kids, air compressors can do the job perfectly. The bottom line is that air compressors can also stand in as pressure washers.

3. Can You Remove Car Seats To Clean?

If you are doing a thorough cleaning of your car interior, then you can remove the car seats to clean. The floor of the car is free and easier to access for cleaning when the seats are moved out.

Removing car seats is not rocket science. You just have to take your time and be careful. Unscrew carefully to remove the seats from the base. You’ll find that nooks, crannies, and corners are laid bare to you during your cleaning exercise in the absence of car seats.  

4. How Do You Get Under The Car Seats?

In cases where you don’t want to have your car seats removed to get the interior of the car cleaned up, you need to find a way to navigate, access, and clean under the car seats. 

What you need to do is move your seats all the way forward or backward. That way, you’ll be able to reach anywhere under them. You’ll also be able to gain access to the areas between the seats and the center console when you do this.

5. What Is The Importance Of Air Compressors In Car Cleaning Guns?

Air compressors are often overlooked when it comes to choosing car cleaning guns. But the truth is that it is an important component of a cleaning gun. You must have an air compressor. And you don’t need just an air compressor. Your air compressor has to be powerful enough to produce a specific amount of constant pressure. This will make the spray strong enough to dissolve and get rid of any kind of dirt. 

If the air compressor is small, it’ll end up delivering a very weak pressure. It may also shut off many times to enable it to refill and regain more pressure to do more work. Of course, this is the direct opposite of the whole purpose of the air compressor. So, get a good and powerful air compressor for optimum performance.

6. What Kind Of Air Compressors Are Ideal For Car Cleaning Guns?

The first and most important thing to do is to find out the car cleaning gun requirements with regards to CFM and PSI. This is usually available in the owner’s manual. You can also reach out directly to the manufacturer if the information in the manual is not clear enough. Compare the numbers to the output of your air compressor. 

There’s a general minimum PSI of about 60 to 75 PSI. It has its maximum of between 90 to 110 PSI. This information is useful mainly for people who have other uses for their car cleaning guns asides washing cars.

If you use the equipment just for washing your car and you have not bought an air compressor, then, you should probably ditch the idea of buying. It is not worth the investment in storage space and money.

The Rado car cleaning gun works together with your air compressor to clean every nook and cranny of your automotive surfaces. It promises fast and effective cleaning services for any type of surface, ranging from plastics, carpet, vinyl to upholstery. It takes care of cleaning the interior and exterior parts of the car thoroughly. 

The leather car upholstery, door jams, wheel surface, door panels, shifters, cup holders, seat belt retractors, and consoles are well taken care of in the car interior. It cleans convertible tops, wheels, and body seams thoroughly when it comes to car exteriors.

This high-pressure professional car cleaning gun is acclaimed to be the easiest and fastest way to clean every type of automotive surface. The price might be on the high side, but if it’s a need to you, it is worth the buy.

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