Quick Shine Floor Cleaner Reviews

Quick Shine Floor Cleaner Reviews

Quick Shine Floor Cleaner is your best bet at maintaining the beauty and quality of your laminate, stone, vinyl, and tile surfaces. Being the first producer in the industry of floor care to provide total, ready-made floor cleaning and floor finish formula, they boast of having a diamond standard in delivering nothing short of premium quality. No matter what you want to do to your floor surfaces, the Quick Shine Floor Cleaner has got you covered.

For optimum performance and results, it is advised that the Quick Shine Floor cleaner be paired with the Quick Shine spray mop during cleaning sessions. It is also very easy to use.

How To Use
  • Remove the bottle from the holder of the spray mop.
  • After removing the cap from the bottle, fill the bottle with Quick Shine Floor Cleaner.
  • Replace the bottle cap and put the bottle back into the mop bottle holder.
  • You’re set to spray mop your floors. Easy peasy!

Ranging from daily cleaning to finishing floor surfaces, products manufactured by the Quick Shine brand offer you the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced formulations that are available for whatever stage you find yourself. It is the Quick Shine brand that produced waterborne finishes and safe, no-residue hard surface cleaners for the very first time. They’ve gone on to keep raising the bar in the quality and performance of their products.

Features And Details

Cleaning Power

The Quick Shine Floor cleaner offers you plant-based, dirt dissolving cleaning of high quality. Its cleaning power can be likened to or is equivalent to that of the natural baking soda.

Doesn’t Contain Harsh Chemicals

Gets rid of scuff marks, grease, and dirt naturally without the use of ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Effective Cleaning

This special formulation offers effective cleaning for all types of floor surfaces such as laminate, LVP-Luxury Vinyl Plank, hardwood, stone, tile, LVT-Luxury Vinyl Tile, vinyl, and so much more. With this floor cleaner, there is no build-up of sticky, dulling, oily residue.

Easy To Use

It is also pretty easy to use too. All you need to do is just spout and mop. That’s why we recommend using it with good spray mops such as the Quick Shine Spray Mop.


It is considered safe for use around kids and pets as it is recognized by the US EPA Safer Choice Program. Also, it doesn’t contain ammonia, gluten, alcohol, paraben, and formaldehyde.


  • Easy to use 
  • Has a nice scent 
  • Ideal for use on hardwood floors 
  • Offers good value for money
  • Dries quickly after application 
  • Leaves no streaks, residues behind on floor surfaces after use


  • Not good for use on tiles

Amazon Rating

The Quick Shine Floor cleaner has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Make Wood Floors Shine Without Wax

One of the top classy flooring options is the wooden floor which has a smooth surface that makes it warm to the feel and easy to clean. With the finishing on the wood surface, the room has an added luster that makes it look exotic. Indeed, hardwood floors offer a fascinating type of beauty that should be beheld. Maintaining this beauty, however, has remained an uphill task for a lot of homeowners. The good news is that you don’t need wax to make your wooden floors shine. Yes! Wooden floors can be made to shine without wax. Outlined below are steps to shining wooden floors without wax.

Prepare The Room

Organize the room in such a way that you can clean the room easily with little or no obstruction. You can also choose to push the furniture against the walls to provide enough space for shining the wooden floors. Be careful not to drag the furniture across the floor surface to avoid creating ugly scratches.

How To Sweep

Sweeping the surface of wooden floors daily removes dirt, dust, and grit, and helps to protect the floor finish when you’re mopping the floor. Avoid using scouring brooms as they have high tendencies of scratching the floor surface. Rather, make use of a brush that has soft bristles or soft microfiber mop pads. The first step to shining wooden floors without wax is sweeping. Gently glide the broom over the floor surface to get rid of the foreign substances.

How To Make Wooden Floors Shine Without Wax

When you’re done sweeping the wooden floors, clean the floor surface with a wet cloth. Rather than using a cleaning chemical or detergent, you can mop the floor with just clean water. Squeeze out excess water from the mop to make sure you don’t put much water on the floor thereby over saturating it. Don’t forget that the worst enemy of wooden floors is water. Avoid wetting the wood surface excessively.

In light of this, do not use big spin mops as they tend to put excess water on the floor. You can think of using a mild cleaning agent to remove dirt from your wooden floors only if the floors are very dirty. Concentrated detergent is not advised because it reduces the luster and shine of the floor surface, and might leave streaks on the floor when it gets dry. This is a very important step when it comes to making wooden floors shine naturally without the use of wax.

Prepare a new solution whenever the water becomes dirty to avoid leaving streaks on the floor surface after drying. Instead of rinsing the floor after cleaning, buff with a dry absorbent towel to remove all the moisture from the floor surface. When you rinse, you add more moisture to the floor surface and thereby, stand a high risk of warping.

How To Shine Wood Floor With Home-Made Polish

When it comes to a wide range of cleaning in the home, vinegar has easily been the best available, effective, and affordable natural cleaning agent. Here are feasible steps to shining wooden floors with homemade polish

  • In every one gallon of warm water (3.8L), mix in about a quarter cup (60ml) of distilled vinegar. Ensure that you mix well to get effective action. Be careful however that the vinegar is not more than the prescribed volume as it is acid and any excess can wear the finish of the wooden floor.
  • Then, add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture. You can choose to use lavender or lemon oil to keep the room smelling fresh and to retain the fragrance on the floor.
  • Wet the mop with the solution and squeeze properly to avoid transferring excess liquid to the floor. You can get a spray mop or a microfiber mop for this purpose. Do not use a cotton mop as it can be difficult to wring.
  • Mop the floor over again and make sure that there is no water pooling on the surface of your wooden floor. Also, check the water to see if you left any streaks on the floor after drying.
  • Use the mop on the floor again for the last time and let the floor dry this time.
  • The shine will be noticeable when the floor has dried properly.

This procedure outlined above is easily one of the cheapest ways to clean and shine wooden floors. Not only will you save money while cleaning properly, but you also get to keep your floor natural and free from most of the chemicals that are usually found in commercial wood floor polish.


There’s no doubt about wellness and cleaning being highly interchangeable. Investing invaluable, high-quality flooring surfaces such as stone and hardwood further drive home the importance of quality care when it comes to investments such as these. The Quick Shine brand promises to continue to churn out innovative and high-quality products that will give your floor surfaces the undeniable glow you desire while keeping the health and safety of your family in mind. 

Easy clean living is the focus of this brand and they are on their feet round the clock to deliver on this promise. The Quick Shine Floor cleaner is not only easy to use, but it is also ideal to be used on hardwood floors and leaves no residues or streaks behind on floor surfaces after use. It has a nice scent and offers good value for money too.

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