Power Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit Review

Power Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit Review

Featuring three shapes of brushes, the Power Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit has won the hearts of a lot of brush cleaning kit shoppers with its distinct features. The reason for this is not far-fetched, as the kit provides you with all that is needed to upgrade the regular drill into a scrubbing machine that will clean effectively and still save you some time off your normal cleaning time.

Usage is simple too; just attach the desired brush to a power tool and you’re fully equipped to deal with all forms of stains, dirt, dust, and grime effectively. Most of the users have cited its cleaning power and versatility as the major reasons why it’s a hot cake in the market.

In addition, they work well on all types of surfaces and clean up messes such as hard water stains and soap scum effectively. Ranging from the floor, upholstery, grout, bathroom surface, bathtub, tile, carpet to toilet and shower, the nylon bristles of the brushes are known to not scratch any surface while cleaning.

The cleaning kit also has an extended reach attachment that enables the brush to access and clean areas that are difficult to reach or even tight spaces. Extended reach attachment normally has the magnet and slip joint that helps it lock the brush securely and control it well. A combination of the extended reach attachment and brush is compatible with most of the cordless drills available in the market. 

The best part? The brush bristles have varying strengths that are uniquely designed for all kinds of surfaces and cleaning projects. 

Features And Details 

Here are the features and details of the Power Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit 


This cleaning kit is your go-to solution when you want to do any kind of cleaning on any type of surface. Ranging from the floor, upholstery, grout, bathroom surface, bathtub, tile, carpet to toilet and shower, the nylon bristles of the brushes are known to not scratch any surface while cleaning. 

Effective, Efficient, and Powerful Cleaning 

This drill brush attachment is unique in the way it gets rid of all kinds of filth with so much power. Also, it cuts down the time and effort you expend on cleaning up surfaces around the home.

Topmost Compatibility 

It features three different sizes of brush heads which allow you to clean surfaces without stress. Comes with an extended reach attachment that enables the brush to access and clean areas that are difficult to reach or even tight spaces. A combination of the extended reach attachment and brush is compatible with most of the cordless drills available in the market.

Workable Shafts

The shafts of this cleaning equipment are built to be workable and easy to change. Whenever you want to change your drill cleaning brush attachment, all you need to do is just pull out the shafts and install a new brush. Easy peasy! Thereafter, hold the brush against the desired work area and turn on the drill. You’ll have a spotless surface in no time.

Durable And Safe Material 

Built with quality, durable polypropylene bristles, you should have no fear whatsoever whenever you’re making use of the power scrubber because the bristles week neither cause any scratches on surfaces nor fall off.

Easy Application And Workability

Contains medium and stiff brushes that serve all purposes for cleaning car tires, RV interiors, shower, floor, bathrooms, boats, kitchens, tubs, carpets, and so on.  

Save you cleaning time and the energy expended on getting the cleaning done.

Very convenient and easy to use.

Highly durable. 

  • Easy to use 
  • Value for money 
  • Durable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Sturdy 
  • Ideal for deep cleaning 
  • Quite pricey 

Amazon Rating

The Power Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. It is a unique, durable, versatile, and powerful brush cleaner that offers you effective and efficient cleaning services with zero scratches on surfaces. It has incredible features that have bought the cleaning market over to its side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Cleaning Brush Used For?

Simply put, a brush is a device composed of bristles typically set into a handle and used especially for sweeping, smoothing, scrubbing, or painting. Depending on the hazards of the intended use of a brush, the materials used to make both the filaments or bristles and the block of the brush are carefully selected to stand against factors such as heat, corrosive chemicals, or abrasion.

Brushes are used for grooming hair, painting, cleaning, surface finishing, makeup, and a lot of other purposes. The average household can have several brushes as it is one of the most versatile and basic tools that are in use today. 

What Is The Best Way To Clean Power Tools?

Just like all other things that have value, the key to prolonging the lifespan and functionality of your power tools lies in your ability to clean and maintain them. To accurately and safely round off the cleaning tasks you have, the proper performance of your power tool is of utmost importance. However, a lack of proper care, maintenance, and upkeep leave your equipment with a great chance of malfunctioning or worse still, damage as a result of the build-up of debris in it over time. 

Take good and proper care of your power tools and they’ll serve you for a long time. Ensure that you clean your tools after each use and then once or twice a year, give them a more thorough and deep cleaning. Do not forget that you can prevent the degradation of parts (which is capable of causing the premature wearing out of other parts) by lubricating the parts properly.

Whether you’re cleaning a new tool or an old one, this detailed step-by-step guide on how to take care of your power tools is a gateway to having them around for a long time. 

Tools You’ll Need Are:
  • Work gloves
  • Wire scrub brush
  • Bucket
  • Steel wool
  • Can of compressed air or air compressor
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Old towels
  • Hot water
  • Soft rag
How To Clean
  • Whether battery or electric powered, disconnect the power tools from any source of power. Unless cordless tools are self-contained, the battery should be removed totally. Then, all removable components should be disassembled for cleaning. In a case where tools contain sensitive mechanical or electronic parts that can be spoilt by submersion, these should be kept aside to be cleaned manually. 
  • The next step is to loosen the accumulated dirt. Using a can of compressed air or an air compressor, blow out or loosen any accumulated debris and dirt that’s stuck in the unreachable corners of your tools such as nooks, crannies, and grooves.
  • Prepare your cleaning solution by filling a bucket with equal parts of multi-purpose cleaner and hot water.
  • Put on your work gloves to protect yourself from the sharp points or edges of the tools. Add the tools to the bucket of the mixture and let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes. Be careful to not submerge any motor casings or power cables. 
  • Using a wire brush, scrub off any remaining dirt and debris. Then, use the steel wool to get rid of all accumulations of rust. Scrub lightly to prevent scratching the surface of the tools and then, wipe the excess build-up using a soft rag.
  • Rinse the tools and dry them with a towel. Ensure that every remaining moisture is dried up. Let them air-dry for approximately 30 minutes. 
  • Reassemble all disassembled components and ensure that all moving parts are in place and working well before you plug them into a power source. 
Why Is It Important To Clean Tools?

Although buying quality and useful tools are quite an investment, their prolonged life span depends solely on how well you take care of them. Ensuring that your tools are cleaned, maintained, and stored properly will not only save you money and time but will also make you do jobs accurately and with more convenience. 

  • Storage 

You need to work with your available space when it comes to storing your tools. Ranging from storing them in chests, bags, or toolboxes, keeping them in drawers to hanging them on a pegboard, there are a lot of storage options available for you to explore. A good example of a storage system for tools is the pegboard as you can see your devices at a glance. Also, it is an efficient way to utilize wall space. 

When there’s insufficient wall space for a pegboard, you can build a portable pegboard system, a rolling pegboard, or even a hinged pegboard design when you take advantage of the pegboard system. Another great way to store your tools is by making use of toolboxes as they have the advantage of being portable. Although some people use toolboxes to store all their tools, they are a convenient means of transporting the most commonly used tools while the bulky tools are left at home. 

Being conversant with the environment where you store your tools is important too. Rust is a perpetual enemy of tools and should be avoided at all costs. Basements, garages, and other enclosed spaces usually have issues with humidity when they are not well heated or air-conditioned. A humidifier will help to keep your tools in the perfect environment. Also, adding packs of silica gel to your drawers or toolboxes is a cheap and easy way of absorbing moisture and keeping rust away from your tool kit. 

  • Cleaning 

Although cleaning your tools may seem like rocket science to you especially after a hard day at work, its importance in keeping tools in good shape cannot be overemphasized. Doing it well will take just a little time and will help you avoid replacing or repairing tools for some time. Most hand tools can be cleaned by just a wipe down with a rag. Wash them with water and soap when they are very dirty.


The Power Scrubber Brush Cleaning Kit is an amazing all-in-one package that meets your cleaning needs. It features three shapes and sizes of brushes whose bristles have varying strengths that are uniquely designed for all kinds of surfaces and cleaning projects. Loved for its versatility and functionality, it works well on all types of surfaces and cleans up messes such as hard water stains and soap scum effectively.

What’s there to not love about this brush cleaning kit? It doesn’t scratch the surfaces it works on, is easy to use and clean, is great value for your money, is durable and powerful. The reviews on this cleaning kit are mind-blowing and if you require a cleaning kit, I’ll like you to experience this dose of functionality in a box.


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