Onn Screen Cleaning Kit Review

Onn Screen Cleaning Kit Review

With the Onn screen cleaning kit for keyboard monitors and cameras, you can be assured that the issue of having unclean screens is a thing of the past. This screen cleaning kit must keep the screen of your devices fresh and clean all day, every day. It dutifully wipes all fingerprints and smudges off your screens.

Have you seen anyone ever complain about a screen being too clean and fresh? No? Neither have I! Keep being on the right track with the Onn screen cleaning kit.

The Onn brand looked for a common problem in the world of electronics and created an amazing solution. The fear of smudge when it comes to the screens of electronic gadgets is what’s keeping most people from purchasing their favorite gadgets. Onn has come to clear that fear once, for all, and very easily too. The products are great and long-lasting, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Features And Details

Outlined below are the common features and details of the Onn screen cleaning kit. You should check them out. 

The Onn screen cleaning kit contains:

  • A soft nano cloth protects the screen from possible scratches while it’s being cleaned.
  • A soft brush that is designed to clean dirt and dust off the surfaces of keyboards, screens, etc without causing any form of damage to the surfaces.
  • Screen Cleaner, towelettes, and microfiber cloth that are reusable. They are made specifically to wipe off any smudge, dust, or dirt that appears, anytime and anywhere. They can be used as many times as possible and still be very efficient.

The cleaning kit contains 1 Spray bottle – Screen Cleaner 4.05 fl oz (120 mL), 16 Towelettes 8.27″ x 4.60″, 1 Microfiber Cloth 7.87″ x 11.02″, dual-sided microfiber cloth and 6.76 fl oz (200 mL) of solution. 

The kit is safe to be used on most electronic device screens.

It is alcohol and ammonia-free. 

  • Disposable 
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cleans easily 
  • Easy to use 
  • Quick and complete cleaning of smudges
  • Non-flammable 
  • Affordable 
  • Towelettes don’t work as much as the microfiber cloth 
  • Microfiber cloth is rather small

This shows the thoughtfulness and efficiency of the company to deliver what they promised. It also shows their readiness to make improvements where necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. How Do I Clean LCD/LED Screens Without Streaks?

There is a constant search for a quick solution to a recurring problem with electronics. However, these quick solutions turn out to be temporary. Outlined below is a detailed DIY guide of how you can clean your TV screens without leaving any streaks behind.

  • Get a bottle of distilled water. This should not be tap water.
  • Pour the distilled water into a spray bottle.
  • Get some microfiber cloth. Do not even think of making use of paper towels and any other papers that are wood-based. They can leave fine scratches on your screen.
  • Turn off the TV set and let the screen become cool completely. It is always easy for streaks to appear on hot screens.
  • With the spray bottle, spray the microfiber cloth and not the screen.
  • Wipe the screen gently with the microfiber cloth in a circular motion. Do this till the screen is neat and dry. Streaks are not meant to appear on the screen if you did everything rightly. Dry the already cleaned area with the dry part of the microfiber cloth.
  • You oversaturated if you have water dripping down the screen into the electronics. Rather than soaking the microfiber cloth completely to clean a large screen, clean the screen in sections. You can respray the cloth when the wiping is becoming dry. This way, you avoid soaking the gadget with water.
  • Repeat the process till you’re satisfied with your cleaning.
2. Are Screen Cleaning Wipes Safe?

Screen cleaning wipes do a very great job at keeping screens spic ‘n span. Although microfiber cloth is ideal for getting the dust off a surface and all the spritzing activities, screen cleaning wipes are your go-to remedy when it comes to getting rid of oily fingerprints, grime, dirt, and the likes from the screen.

These lifesavers (they’re screen savers in this context) have been pre-moistened with a mild soap that is ammonia-free and safe to be used on the skin. 

What this soap does is effectively dissolve organic residue (read that as smudges, fingerprints, grime, and dirt) off the surface of any lens or screen. You’ll agree that this is much more work than merely dusting your screen. Screen cleaning wipes are designed to be used anywhere and at anytime. 

They are easy to use and do not need special preparations for use. Just use and dispose of them… No airdrying, handwashing, or spritzing required. Your screen will still be sparkling clean! They are packaged in clean, little packs that can be put conveniently in your small carry bag. There are 12 wipes in a pack. This is more than enough wipes for one outing for your screen. The packaging also makes them easy to carry about.

See below, a step to step guide of how to use screen cleaning wipes 

You might have been using wipes long before now. But have you been doing it right?

  • The very first thing to do is to turn off the device you’re about to clean. You want to see the smudges, dirt, dust, fingerprints, and grime that you want to clean off. A blank or black screen gives you a clearer view of these things.
  • Using a screen cleaning wipe, wipe in one direction, either vertical or horizontal. Wipe firmly but gently, but do not wipe the screen in circles.
  • Allow the screen to air dry. There is no need to rinse it off. Let it dry and enjoy your crystal clear screen!
3. What I Should Never Use To Clean My Screen

Here are some things you should never use to clean your screen 

  • Multipurpose cleaning rags or paper towels 

How much longer do we need to repeat this caution? Do not use multipurpose cleaning rags or paper towels on your screens! These modern displays are super delicate and need to be handled with as much care as possible. The surface of paper towels is slightly abrasive and is designed for cleaning very serious specks of dirt.

They are not made for wiping delicate surfaces and shouldn’t be found anywhere near your screens. The same goes for cleaning rags. They can cause scratches on your screens due to their slight abrasiveness.

  • Ammonia or alcohol-based cleaning fluid 

A lot of HDTV sets and high-end flat-screen computer monitors come with fine and glossy glass screens. Now, a lot of people make the mistake of cleaning these screens with their window cleaner. Another thing you should keep away from your screens is ammonia or alcohol-based cleaning fluid.

Continuous use of these fluids is known to remove the anti-reflective coatings on screens. This causes clouding of the screen and worse still can damage the screen. Having a glossy glass screen doesn’t mean that the screen is built to be chemically resistant and durable like glass. You don’t want to risk damaging your screen by using alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning fluids on them. 

  • Applying cleaning fluid directly to the screen 

Do not do this. Ever! Modern screens (read as HDTV sets and flat-screen monitors) are built with layers of different thin and fine materials which include glass, various plastics and display elements, adhesives. Spraying cleaning liquid has never been recommended, so, I don’t know where you’ll get the idea from.

And I’ll let you know what happens when you do so. Once the cleaning liquid touches the edge of these screens with fine layers, the liquid seeps very quickly into the layers using capillary action. This causes immediate or eventual damage to the soaked area. Once the fluid is inside, it shrinks the affected part and the chances of evaporation are zero. 


It can be tough to keep the screens of your devices in showroom condition always but hey! It is not rocket science. The Onn brand saw the daily struggle majority of people go through and came up with a brilliant solution. Not only is their cleaning fluid free from alcohol or ammonia, but it also cleans easily and effectively too.

No stains, no streaks. All smudges, fingerprints, dust, grime, and dirt are wiped off. Easy peasy! 

The cleaning kit contains towelettes that can be carried around and used just at any time. So, it provides convenience of use and is portable. It is very affordable too! It is eco-friendly and non-flammable. It can be used to clean just about any type of screen ranging from phones, laptops, DVDs, plasma screens, computer screens, goggle mirrors, sunglasses, and the list goes on.

Do you see? No matter what your screen is, you are covered. I think it is good value for your money if you want to buy it.

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