Is There A Vacuum Cleaner And Carpet Cleaner In One?

Is There A Vacuum Cleaner And Carpet Cleaner In One?

A vacuum cleaner is a useful device used to clean various types of surfaces. It is a suction device that sucks in debris, dust and, dirt from draperies, upholstery, and floors. The device comes with a cyclone or dust-bag that can easily be emptied after use. There are several types of vacuum cleaners available in various models and sizes.

There are models suited for home use, large-scale industrial use and, even potable hand-held battery-powered models. 

Since vacuum cleaners are great for multiple surfaces, many people are concerned if there is a vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner in one. Carpets offer beautiful and functional choices for homes, offices, and workplaces. Having a vacuum cleaner that can effectively clean and vacuum carpets would be a useful appliance to have.

Is There A Vacuum Cleaner And Carpet Cleaner In One?

Yes, there are vacuum cleaners that are great for cleaning and maintaining carpets. For example, the Kenmore DU2012 Upright Lightweight Vacuum available on Amazon. 

  • BAGLESS UPRIGHT VACUUM: Remove pet hair, dirt and more with this multifloor, multi-surface designed vacuum for use in your home, den, or kitchen with a wide sweeper path.1200.0 watts
  • HEPA FILTER SYSTEM Enhanced HEPA filter system traps 99.7% of dirt, trapping dirt inside the vacuum reducing pollutants in the room
  • POWERFUL CLEANING: 2-motor system excels in suction power. Suction control provides optimal airflow and cleaning efficiency for any surface, allows you to change the vacuum cleaner suction for different fabric and carpet weight
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND MANEUVERABLE: Lightweight at under 14lbs, this lightweight design, with swivel steering, is easy to maneuver
  • 2 ATTACHMENTS-EXTENDED REACH: Flexible hose lengthen to reach 10'. 3-In-1 combination tool ( Include crevice tool, dirt brush and upholstery brush ) and upholstery tool for convenient cleaning transitions

For effective carpet vacuuming, you need to use the right vacuum cleaner designed to also work on carpets. You need a vacuum cleaner that comes with a rotating brush or beater bar, as it is also called. The beater bar or brush rotates as the vacuum is being operated and this helps loosen dust and dirt from the carpet. This makes it easier for the suction feature of the device to clean properly. These kinds of vacuum cleaners are best for cut-pile carpets.

Some vacuum cleaners also come with adjustable head height. These kinds of cleaners are suitable especially when one has several types of carpets. The user can easily adjust the head height of the cleaner to suit the particular carpet to be cleaned. This ensures that proper airflow is maintained for maximum suction. 

When using a vacuum cleaner to clean carpets it is important that the user first examines the area to pick up objects that would are too big to be vacuumed or sucked in. objects such as small toys, paperclips, and coins can impair suction and should be removed. 

The vacuum cleaner should be passed back and forth without rushing to ensure a thorough clean. Working too fast to speed up the cleaning process should be avoided. The cleaner needs to be given time to brush and clean the carpet fibers thoroughly. After completing the area, the process should then be repeated in the opposite direction. 

Vacuuming carpets is a sure way to maintain carpets and keep them clean and safe. Carpets should be cleaned at least once a week. Carpets with regular traffic should even be cleaned more regularly. This will help keep carpets clean attractive and durable.

The beauty and maintenance of carpets are based on the level of care and cleaning that it receives. The right vacuum cleaner properly suited for carpet cleaning has to be considered, like the BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, available on Amazon.

The right cleaning methods using the vacuum cleaner are important to help protect both the carpet and vacuum cleaner. The dust-bag or cyclone has to be emptied as required and items that can block or disrupt suction avoided.

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