How To Clean Your Hairbrush

How To Clean Your Hairbrush

Use the sharp finish of a comb to loosen the hair within the brush. Take a rat tail comb or decide and insert the pointed finish beneath the hair close to the bottom of the comb. Pull up to loosen the hair that is cornered between the bristles.
If there is a heap of hair matted to the comb, you’ll be able to merely pull it up and off of the comb while not loosening it initially.

We have got the following ways to clean our hairbrush easily. All these steps will have experimental results.

Removing Hair From The Brush


Use scissors to chop through the unsnarled hair. Take a pointy try of scissors and punctiliously go across the hair within the center of the comb, taking care to not cut the bristles. this may build it easier to get rid of, particularly if the hair was twisted around the bristles.
If you are removing the hair from a spherical brush, flip the comb around and conjointly go across the hair on the alternative facet.
Keep the blades of the scissors parallel to the rows of bristles on the comb as you chop. this may facilitate make sure that you don’t accidentally go across the bristles.


Pull out the hair and throw it away. Use your fingers to drag the unsnarled hair out of the comb. Keep propulsion till you’ve got gotten all of the hair from the bottom of the comb. If you are employing a spherical brush, flip it around and pull the hair out from all sides.
If your brush’s bristles square measure made of natural fibers, beware to not yank them out with the hair. Pull the hair straight up and out from the bottom to avoid breaking or bending the bristles.

Method 2 – Cleaning Plastic OR Metal Brushes


Soak the comb in vinegar for half-hour to deep-clean it. place the brush in an exceedingly shallow dish and pour 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) of vinegar and 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) of heat water into the dish. Leave the comb to soak for half-hour so drain it before you scrub the comb. If the brush encompasses a heap of vegetative cell buildup, soaking the comb can facilitate loosen the grime.
Use apple drinkable or plain white vinegar.
Do not use this resolution for brushes with wood handles, since it’ll injury the wood.
You can conjointly use application or oxide.


Make a cleansing resolution with shampoo and sodium hydrogen carbonate. Pour one cup (240 ml) of water into a bowl and add one teaspoon (4.9 ml) of your favorite shampoo together with one teaspoon (5 g) of sodium hydrogen carbonate. Stir or whisk the mixture till the sodium hydrogen carbonate is dissolved.
Baking soda absorbs odors and is slightly abrasive, thus it’ll take away designed on grime.
Avoid victimization conditioner or solid soap, since these can persist with the comb and should be arduous to get rid of.


Use the answer to wash the comb. Take clean bath linen and dip it within the cleansing resolution. Wipe the material everywhere in the comb to get rid of any surface grime. Then, dip Associate in Nursing previous toothbrush within the resolution and use it to carefully scrub the bottom of the comb and obtain in between the bristles.
If your brush has natural bristles, scrub gently and punctiliously so that you are doing not bend or break any of them.


Rinse the brush with water. If you clean a paddle or spherical brush fabricated from plastic or metal, run the brush beneath water till the cleansing resolution is rinsed off. you mustn’t see any suds on the bristles or brush base once you’re done.


Pat the brush with material and lay it down on a towel. Take a clean material and wipe it over the brush to get rid of the water on the surface of the comb. Then flip the brush therefore the bristle’s purpose down and place it on a towel. Now you should have a cleaned hairbrush if you have performed all the steps accordingly.

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