How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains

How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains

Check your manufacturer’s directions. Before you start cleanup your restroom, it’s best to ascertain your manufacturer’s directions. bound product will injury the inner workings of your toilet, such as the flapper while others could cause discoloration.


Look for a name written or carved on your restroom. Perform a web explore for “[your restroom brand] + safe cleanup product.”
You can conjointly seek a telephone number to the manufacturer and provides them a decision.


Plunge the bowl to get rid of a number of the water. If the bathroom bowl is filled with water thanks to a clog, then plunge it before you clean it. this may facilitate the water to travel down and build it easier to scrub the bathroom bowl.


Scrub with a bathroom brush and cleaner. Before you’ll be able to tackle powerful stains, you want to perform a general cleanup of your restroom. to try to do this, you’ll want some type of cleansing agent ANd a bathroom brush or a previous dish brush. merely apply the cleansing agent of your option to the within of your bowl and round the edges. Then use the comb to get rid of the trash, and flush.

You will need to wear disposable gloves whereas you are doing this. Some cleansers to decide on include:
Store-bought products, like extraterrestrial objects, Soft Scrub, and different rest room cleansers.
DIY alternatives, like sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar, borax, or bleach.


Pour in white vinegar and let it soak long. If your restroom is extremely dirty, it should like AN long soak before cleansing. Pour 1/2 cup (118 ml) of white vinegar into your bowl and shut the lid. Leave it to take a seat long.
If there are unit stains around the rim of the bathroom, then drape items of loo paper over them and pour vinegar over the bathroom paper to confirm that vinegar can continue the stains.

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Determine the explanation for your stains. looking at the character of your restroom stains, you will use a range of products to eradicate them. the foremost common sources of loo stains area unit H2O, mold, and mildew. Seek for the subsequent symptoms to work out what sort of stains area unit gift for you. Hard water – These stains can seem like rings around your inner bowl. they will be pink, red, brown, or white.

Mold – mold stains will occur anyplace in your restroom. mold is going to be slightly fuzzy and maybe blue, green, yellow, gray, black, or white.
Mildew – Mildew may also occur anyplace in your restroom, however is common close to the highest of the bathroom bowl or on the bathroom tank. Mildew typically starts white, however could flip yellow or brown in time.


Apply lemon Kool-aid. H2O stains area unit each common and ugly. fortuitously, you’ll be able to take away them exploitation things you will have already got reception. One alternative is lemon Kool-aid. merely sprinkle one package of lemon Kool-aid round the bowl, wait one hour, and use a bathroom brush to clean away stains.

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