How To Clean Phone Case

How To Clean Phone Case

To remove stains and scrub around the edges, gently scrub with a toothbrush. you’ll additionally add bicarbonate of soda if you discover an awfully stubborn stain. Continue cleansing till all dirt is removed, then rinse your phone case in cold water. This even works nicely on clear plastic phone cases. you’ll then dry your case with a microfiber cloth to suck up the water while not scratching your case.


If your siloxane phone case is white and solely gently dirty, you’ll wash and dry your case with a similar methodology as higher than. However, white cases will get dirtier quicker, and sometimes flip yellow or finally end up with terribly obvious stains. So, if you would like a lot of improvement power for your white phone case, plow ahead and blend bleach and water in an exceeding bowl. A solely a little quantity of bleach ought to be used, as an excessive amount of will injury siloxane cases. you’ll dilute one teaspoon of bleach in heat water, then place your case into the answer for a number of minutes. The bleach ought to facilitate take away powerful stains and yellowing.


Like siloxane cases, rubber phone cases may be simply clean with a mix of dish soap and water. this is often the foremost basic means on a way to clean phone cases. Soak the case within the cleansing agent water and clean around the edges with a toothbrush. If there are still stains on your rubber phone case, you’ll dampen the fabric with isopropanol and wipe it once more. you’ll additionally add a touch mineral to the cleansing agent water associated let your rubber case sit within the answer for an hour. invariably use a flat plain-woven lint-free microfiber cloth to dry on rubber, like our microfiber suede cloths. this can forestall streaking and lint being left behind.


Wood is that the most delicate phone case surface, so it’s a lot necessary to dirt your wood phone cases typically. this can forestall oil, dirt, and detritus from sinking in or scratching the surface. If potential, avoid water once improvement your wood phone case. an excessive amount of contact with water will cause wood to deteriorate. Instead, maintain your wood case by frequently improving with a dry microfiber cloth. whereas tissues or different cloths will leave scratches on wood, microfiber cloths contain delicate fibers that suck up dirt while not harming the surface. (See below for our counseled microfiber cloth for wood phone cases)

For harder grime on your wood phone case, you’ll slightly dampen the microfiber cloth with a little quantity of water and wipe. If it’s additional sticky residue, add a number of drops of white vinegar to water and dip your cloth within the answer. ne’er apply a liquid onto the wood case, invariably apply to the fabric. Then use a dry microfiber cloth to take in any excess water. Since wood is porous use a flossy or terry microfiber cloth to dry wood. this can make sure you are engrossed in the tiny cracks and crevices.


Leather phone cases are best to clean with a gentle answer. you’ll gently clean your leather case with delicate hand soap, and a humid microfiber cloth. Apply the soap onto the fabric and distribute it equally.


If you’ve got a gentle cleaner, use it beside a dry cloth. once drying, use a plusher terry kind microfiber cloth, rather than a flat plain-woven kind. The is as a result of leather is porous, thus you would like to create positive you’re getting in the littlest cracks and crevices of the fabric.

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