How To Clean Eyelash Extensions

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions

Find a mild preparation. seek for associate degree oil and alcohol-free preparation. Excess oil particularly will break down the adhesive on your extensions. decide on a foaming face preparation or light bath soap. you’ll even use baby shampoo.

Be careful with baby shampoo as a result of it may be drying. Avoid cotton pads or wipes. Don’t use cotton pads or balls to scrub your lashes. The fibers will mire in them and you’ll have to fastidiously decide those out. additionally, skip victimization cleansing wipes as result of those will loosen or burst out your extensions.

STEP 1: Drying And Brushing

Dry your lashes naturally. when laundry your lashes, gently pat your face dry with a towel, however, avoid your eyes to safeguard your extensions. Let your lashes air dry instead. to hurry up the drying method, you’ll wrap some bathroom tissue around your finger and gently blot your lashes. If you wish to be particularly careful of your extensions, simply let your lashes sit on the restroom paper for several seconds therefore the water may be absorbed.

Blow them dry. Set your dryer in its coolest setting. Next, blast your lashes for concerning 10 seconds on every eye. make sure to stay the appliance at arm’s length from your face. Don’t do that too actually because you wish to take care of the adhesive in your extensions.
Comb them out. shut one eye. employing a clean, dry war paintbrush, gently roll it over your lashes. Next, fluff out the lashes a touch with the comb. Don’t drag the comb through the bottom of your lashes.

STEP 2: Maintaining Your Extensions

Clean your extensions frequently. Take the time to scrub your extensions a minimum of several times every week if not daily. take away light-weight rubbish and dirt in between washings with a touch of heat water and brushing. do that by wetting your lashes with a touch of heat water so terribly gently hair care them out.

STEP 3: Keep Your Lashes Oil-free.

Don’t let a moisture-rich product like shampoos, conditioners, glycerin, or serious creams close to your lashes or lash line safeguard the integrity of the adhesive. for instance, tilt your head back within the shower to stay this product aloof from your eyes. additionally, attempt dabbing an awfully skinny line of seventieth alcohol on your lash line once every week to take excess oil that may be made by sweat once you exercise oft.

STEP 4: Don’t Rub Your Eyes.

Avoid tugging, rubbing, or pull at your lashes. this can loosen them and build them look clumpy if you’re not careful. It may also pull out your natural lashes. Get them professionally removed if the extensions itch or area unit otherwise very bothering you. Use eye makeup fastidiously.


Avoid cream eyeshadows, and use pulverized war paint as you ordinarily would, focusing application at the terrible corners of your eyes. Steer aloof from liquid make-up, which might harm your extensions. most significantly, ne’er use war paint. it’ll harm your extensions and leave them wanting and feeling crusty.

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