How To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

How To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

Sweep or vacuum doubly every week. employing a dustmop or vacuum is good, though you’ll be able to sweep with a brush if you’re in an exceedingly hurry. Select a soft and downlike dirt mop, ideally with a removable finish that’s mechanically cleanable.

Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar, which may scratch or uninteresting your flooring. attempt a vacuum attachment for vacant floors or a soft head attachment.
Mops with disposable dusters square measure dearer within the long-standing time and have a tendency to not clean also as downlike, drip-dry mop heads. For fast sweeping, brooms with rubber bristles work well.

Method 1 – Cleaning Your Ceramic Tile Floor daily


Use a wet mop on unglazed tile a day. Vacuum or sweep initial. Fill a bucket with plain heat water. Rinse the mop typically, and replace the water once it’s dirty. Avoid employing a swab, since it will drive dirty water into the grout.
Unglazed tile will solely be clean with water, therefore it wants a lot of regular cleansing than glazed tile to avoid staining.


Mop glazed tile weekly. Vacuum or sweep before employing a wet mop. Fill a bucket with heat water. you’ll be able to add a drop of dish soap to a gallon of water if your glazed tiles square measure visibly dirty. Rinse the mop oft, and alter out the water once it gets dirty.
Avoid employing a swab, which may deposit dirty water into the grout. If you used soap, follow up with a minimum of one rinse employing a mop and plain water.


Dry the ground with clean towels. this may obtain any leftover dirt, stop water spots, and provides your flooring shine. Drying your flooring is very vital if you’ve got unglazed tiles. Unglazed tiles square measure a lot of porous than glazed tiles, and if they’re left wet is going to be a lot possible to accumulate organic staining from mildew or mildew.

Method 2 – Removing Stubborn Stains


Pre-wet the ground. Use a mop and heat water to wet your tile flooring before victimization cleansing agents. Tile is porous and can absorb the water to forestall chemicals from penetrating the tile. You can loosen powerful dirt before wetting the ground with a brush, or once the ground is wet employing a plastic pot scrubber.


Scrub mildew or mildew with soap and water. Fill a bucket with heat water and a few drops of dish soap. Scrub the ground with a nylon or natural brush. You can leave the cleansing resolution on the ground for 10 to fifteen minutes, as long because if you don’t let it dry on the tile.


Rinse the tiles. once scrub, rinse the flooring – doubly, if potential – with plain water. Dry the flooring with terry cloth towels, if needed.
If soap and water haven’t worked, attempt a menage or industrial floor cleaner supposed for ceramic tile.


Test the ground before victimization any chemical or acid cleaner. realize a not easily seen space and build a little take a look at spot with the cleaner. Use an acid-based or chemical cleaner with caution, on conditions that are necessary, and continually following the manufacturer’s directions. confirm to completely pre-wet the ground initially, and fully rinse it later.


The acid-based cleaner could also be necessary to get rid of lime or cement mortar staining.
Never use abrasive cleaners like fine-grained cleansing agents, saleratus, or maybe creams publicized as “mildly” abrasive. These will injury the tile’s surface and style.

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  1. Its helpful when you said that for unglazed tiles, drying your flooring after mopping is a must. I want to install some ceramic tile flooring on my living room since my current floor is already wearing off. I will need to speak to a professional who can help me install some ceramic tile flooring on my house. Thanks for the tips on cleaning tile floors!

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