How To Clean Beauty Blender

How To Clean Beauty Blender

The most effective way to clean a Beauty Blender quick is to rub it against a rough-textured surface, says big apple town makeup creator and wonder professional Neil Scibelli, World Health Organization likes mistreatment the letter of the alphabet Spa Brush cleansing Mat.

Another option? The convenient Beautyblender Keep it Clean kit options an equally rough-textured pad that you simply will slip over the palm of your hand, alongside the brand’s liquid and solid cleansers.

Here are the top steps to follow:

STEP: 1 Cleaning Your Beauty Blender With Soap

It’s reaching to take over regular previous liquid to induce your makeup sponge screechy clean. In different words, you’re reaching to would like some soap. “They work like magic and take away all traces of makeup off the wonder Blender,” he says.

To use the solid, first, wet your makeup sponge totally, then rub the solid soap directly onto the sponge, operating it into a lather. Once you begin to ascertain that lather flip colors (the makeup returning off the sponge), rinse totally. Take a glance at your Beauty Blender—if it still appears a touch stained, you’ll be able to repeat the method, since the formula is thus mild that you simply will even use it daily while not doing any injury to your sponge.

If you like to travel the liquid route, you’ll be able to wet the sponge and squirt a number of the cleansers directly onto it, following the constant technique as you’d with the solid soap. Or, if you’re sponge is additional gunked-up, provides it a touch bath. extra service a cup with water and a number of drops of the soap and let the sponge soak in there for a second or 2. Then gently massage a touch a lot of the cleaner in along with your hand before giving it a final rinse.

If you’re not reaching to choose the brand’s dedicated cleansers, Scibelli suggests a gentle shampoo, like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo ($6; Another sensible option? a mild, multi-tasking liquid cleaner, like Dr. Bronner’s Pure soap ($17;

STEP: 2 Cleaning a Beauty Blender With a Microwave

Just like running dishes through the dishwasher or throwing your garments within the washer, nuking your makeup sponge could be a quick and straightforward thanks to twig clean with tokenish effort. to not mention that the warmth from the microwave could be a good way to sanitize it and kill any germs and bacterium. simply make certain to follow these steps in order that you don’t find yourself melting the one that you love Beauty Blender.

First, add a number of drops of soap (the mild choices we tend to mentioned before work well here) to a cup of water (make positive the cup is microwave-safe, please!). you wish there to be enough of the mixture to hide the sponge fully. Wet the sponge beneath running water, then pop it into the cup. Microwave for sixty seconds and make certain to let it cool before taking it out.

STEP: 3 Cleaning a Beauty Blender With Oil

The conception of double cleansing is very well-liked once it involves skincare and also the same principles apply once you’re wondering about cleansing your Beauty Blender. the essential principle: Oil breaks down oil. So, once you’re carrying a full face of makeup, employing a cleansing oil initial will facilitate dissolve the oils therein make up a lot of effectively. The same goes for a makeup sponge, thus think about this as a selection cleansing technique for particularly makeup-laden sponges.


If you have used all the steps completely and the way it was explained, you will have your beauty blunder cleaned and all the dust will be removed from the surface.


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