How To Clean Bathtub

How To Clean Bathtub

The following four ways will assist you to clean your bathing tub quickly and in a hassle-free manner. Let’s have a glance.

Easy Ways To Wash A Bathtub

1. Saleratus And Peroxide

When it involves an efficient and natural cleaner that cuts through the grime, stains, and mineral deposits, saleratus is an associate degree exceptional improvement agent. and also the smartest thing concerning these house products is their straightforward convenience and low costs.

2. Vinegar And Dish Soap

Vinegar and dish soap square measure unremarkably found home goods. just in case you don’t have them, they’re on the market in each Gold Coast grocery. except for bathing tub improvement, they’re additionally helpful for improving dishes, microwaves, and ovens.


It is the acid of the vinegar that makes it a superb improvement agent. because it is therefore acidic, white vinegar will counteract a number of the foremost stubborn stains and mineral deposits. to wash your bathing tub, follow the procedure mentioned below.

Take 0.5 a cup of vinegar and microwave it for ninety seconds.
Pour the recent vinegar into a clean spray bottle. certify it’s not too hot, or it’d soften the plastic bottle.
After that, pour around 1/2 cup of dish soap (of your choice) into the bottle and gently shake the bottle to combine the answer properly.
Then, spray the answer equally on the bathtub surface and let it cool down for around twenty to half-hour.
Use a sponge to wash the stains and dirt before laundry the bath properly.

3. Shampoo

If you’re during a state of affairs wherever you’ve got run out of your cleansing agent however ought to clean the bath quickly, shampoo is often a superb choice to do, therefore. it’s not solely smart at removing the soap scum however additionally adds shine to the bath.

Moreover, its texture makes it terribly slippery on the bath surface, therefore it’ll scale back your scrub time. however lookout to settle on associate degree eco-friendly improvement resolution, that isn’t laden with harmful chemicals. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to urge a sparkling bathtub:

Apply shampoo with a put on the complete surface.
Then scrub it properly to create certain you reach each corner of the bath.
After that, enable it to cool down for around ten to twelve minutes.
Give it one scrub and rinse it properly to urge a clean bathing tub.
If you don’t have enough time to try to do it or aren’t obtaining the result you would like, contact seasoned bond cleaners in Gold Coast.

4. Cream Of Tartar And Vinegar

Cream of tartar has superb improvement qualities, which is why it is often an ideal choice to get a clean bathing tub. A paste of cream of tartar and vinegar is often helpful in eliminating stains and dirt from the bath.

When it’s mixed with totally different ingredients, it becomes an amazing cleaner for things like copper things, carpets, laundry stains, coffee pots, and so on. If you would like to wash the bath, then add vinegar drop-in drop and blend it well to urge a thick paste.


Use a scrubber to get rid of the dried paste. When it’s removed, you’ll realize that the paste has eliminated the stains. At last, rinse it completely. When you successfully complete all the steps,  leave the bathtub for a moment without using it to squeeze all the water from it.

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