How To Clean A Hairbrush

How To Clean A Hairbrush

First, it’s a hygiene issue. Any brush or tool that you just use on your skin or hair must be clean regularly! Not solely will hair and merchandise build au fait your brush over time, however it additionally accumulates dead skin cells, dust mites, lint, dust, and therefore the natural oils from your hair.

That buildup will flip your brush into a piece of land for microorganisms and yeast, which is not any good! nobody needs to brush microorganisms, yeast, and alternative nastiness into their hair.

Another reason to scrub your brush frequently is to stay your hair trying fabulous! If you utilize a brush that’s lined in hair, product, and alternative oily muck, you’ll be brushing those oils into your clean hair. therefore rather than feat your hair trying slick soft, brushing your hair with a grimy brush will truly leave your hair trying less clean than after you started.

How To Clean Your Brush

You should take away any hair that’s unfree in your brush once every week. Use a combination of scissors, a skinny comb, or perhaps a bamboo skewer to elevate the hair out. you’ll additionally obtain a special comb cleansing tool online for simply many dollars! In addition to weekly hair removal, you must wash your brush totally once a month. (Unless it’s a fragile or natural brush, within which case you’ll clean it once each alternative month.) the simplest cleansing methodology varies by brush sort, therefore I’ve enclosed many totally different sets of directions below. Follow the steps below to clean your brush.


This methodology is nice for ventilated brushes, combs, and other hair tools manufactured from durable plastic. which means no squashy elements, no wood, no natural fibers or materials. simply a decent recent plastic brush!

Start by admixture the water, shampoo, and hydrogen carbonate within the bowl. Place your brush(es) within the bowl and permit them to soak for twenty minutes just about. Then use your toothbrush to clean the bottom and bristles for many minutes to chop through any remaining muck. Once the comb is clean, rinse it below clean water and let it dry fully on your tabletop.


This methodology is nice for a large form of brushes, together with paddle brushes, spherical brushes, and wet brushes. ensure your brush is formed of plastic or metal before following these directions. (We’ll target natural materials next!). Traditional soaps may be very drying, particularly for aging skin. however, this simple do-it-yourself body wash is jam-choked with moisturizers that are saving my skin—literally!

Stir the shampoo and hydrogen carbonate into the water, and swish it around to combine. Dip your toothbrush into the cleansing answer and apply it to the comb bristles and therefore the base they’re hooked up to. Brush gently, however totally. (If your brush contains a squashy base, attempt to not get wise too wet to avoid mildew problems.

When you’re finished cleansing, dip the toothbrush into clean water and return over any soap areas to “rinse” them clean. Use a towel to dry the comb the maximum amount as you’ll, and permit it to dry on your tabletop bristle-side down.


This methodology is that the one you would like to use if your brush contains a wood handle or natural bristles. It’s the gentlest methodology and can facilitate keep a fragile brush clean while not inflicting injury.


Add the Tea Tree oil to the water and stir. Dip your toothbrush in, and use it to carefully brush the bristles and handle. Don’t use an excessive amount of the water mixture, as a result of you would like to stay it as dry as attainable. Once you’re finished cleansing it, merely wipe the comb down with a clean, dry cloth, then let the comb dry bristle-side down.

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