How To Clean A Clear Phone Case

How To Clean A Clear Phone Case

Most of the bleach water within the market has featured sterilization. place the phone case during an aired place and build it dry once soaking within the bleach and wiping it clear. however, a similar drawback is we will not take the yellow stain if it absolutely was caused by the oxidization. Follow the STEPS below:

1. Soap Water Or Detergent

The most oftentimes used technique is soaking the phone case with cleaner water or detergent water for a moment. Then use a soft brush or a toothbrush to gently brush the case till wipe the yellow stains off. typically speaking, the traditional substance on the phone case is often clean simply. however, if it’s yellow because of oxidization or similar reasons, it cannot be clean.

2. Bleach Water

Bleach may be reasonable water that may build things white or colorless, that has a clear result on improving colloid phone case. Before victimization the bleach water, you suppose to arrange some gadgets, a combination of plastic gloves, an apron, and a disposable mask.

The reason why you would like those kinds of stuff is attributable to the bleach is corrosive and worsening, you would like some things protecting. in step with the directions of the merchandise packaging, use it once diluting the bleach on the idea of the prescribed proportion.

3. Toothpaste

As it acknowledged to any or all, dentifrice will build our tooth clean and white, the aim of this is often to inform everybody that dentifrice is additionally an awfully helpful improvement tool. However, is it will reach our expectations for improving soft yellowing phone cases? the solution is not any.

Let’s coat some dentifrice on the surface of the oxide phone case and rub it repeatedly with an improvement textile. it’s a pity to inform you that we tend to realize it’s not effective to use the dentifrice to wash the colloid phone case. The yellow stains square measure still there.

Obviously, the dentifrice will simply clean the tea stains or low stains of the teacup, and even take away the tiny scratches on the surface of the mobile, however from the particular check, the dentifrice cannot clean the yellow stains off the phone case.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol has glorious improvement ability. as a result of alcohol has the characteristics of robust remotion and volatilization, it often comes back to a dry state during a short time once wiping. It doesn’t simply penetrate the machine like water, which can cause a brief circuit within the power offer.

Let your yellowing phone case soaking within the water for 10min then wipe the stains repeatedly. It works, however solely a touch little bit of result on improving the stains. If you’re curious about this technique, you’ll be able to obtain a bottle of seventy-fifth medical alcohol to undertake.

5. Eraser

When individuals in childhood, the foremost used stationary is a pencil, therefore an implement is important. It does not solely wipe the handwriting on paper objects, however, conjointly incorporates a smart improvement result on alternative objects. it’s conjointly appropriate to be used on phone cases, particularly those models that use a matte end.


If you employ an implement, you’ll be able to clean out the dirt. So, will it have a decent result on a swish siloxane phone case? once we tend to wipe the softphone case with the implement, it clear the dirt, however still cannot get the yellow stains off the case. In such cases, you also maintain the quality of the product.

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