How Long Does it Take to Clean A 3 Bedroom House

How Long Does it Take to Clean A 3 Bedroom House

Cleaning a three-bedroom house isn’t as strenuous and time-consuming as you may imagine. Following the right procedures makes your work a lot easier and faster.

On average, cleaning a three-bedroom house should take about 2-3 hours depending on the size of the house. However, a messy house may take much longer to clean up.

Like I said earlier one has to know the right procedures to take to make the cleaning process a lot easier and faster. Here are some guidelines to help ease your work and save your time;

Get Your Cleaning Equipment Ready Before You Start  

Just like every order project you embark on where you make plans,  planning is very much important in the cleaning business.

It’s important you get all your cleaning equipment ready and placed where you can easily access them before you start cleaning. You don’t want to be wandering around the house looking for where the dustpan may be or where the bucket maybe.

You’ve got to be really calculative while cleaning, you don’t want to be going back and forth if you must save time.

Always Start from Top to Bottom

You really want to start by cleaning the ceilings and wall of the house. Look out for the edges of the house as well. It could be really frustrating finding some cobwebs lying around the ceilings and wall just after you take that relaxing spot.

Dust, Fold, Arrange and Wash

Once you’ve got all the cobwebs down, facing the gadgets is the next step you’d want to take. From the T.V to the T.V stand to the windows etc, carefully dusting each of them. 

Take care of the dirty dishes for the kitchen.

For the rooms, you’d want to put the closet in order, straighten the bed or change the sheets as the case may be.

Pay attention to the Floor

With all the cobwebs down, and possible drops of water from the dishes done, sweeping, mobbing, scrubbing should definitely come last.

You would also want to move along with a waste bag to gather up the dirt as you sweep. That’s if you’re not using a vacuum cleaner. 

While mobbing, always remembers to keep your mob bucket behind you – you don’t want to step over already mopped areas just to go get your mop bucket.

These steps help save a lot of time and make the process a lot easier.

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