Crep Protect Cleaning Kit Review

The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is paramount when it comes to the world of shoes and shoe cleaning kits. Just like every other creation of the Crep brand, this cleaning kit was made specifically with sneakers in mind.

Consisting of a uniquely formulated cleaning solution as well as a customized cleaning brush, this kit is well suited for cleaning sneakers made with all types of shoe materials. Designed for deep cleaning, this cleaning kit does its work effectively without changing the feel, shape, and look of your shoe in any way.

A brush, a microfiber cloth, and the 100ml cleaning solution come together to give you a sum up of the ideal cleaning kit for your sneakers.

Also, the cleaning solution is made of 98% natural ingredients, including water, coconut extracts, and jojoba. The brush is produced using soft and short brush bristles. The cleaning kit is also designed to be perfect for carrying about especially for traveling. Comes as a little travel kit that can be stored easily in your bag, car, purse, or luggage.

The kit which contains a 3.38 oz (100 mL) of cleaning solution, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a little hog hairbrush comes enclosed in a hard zipper case. Ranging from nylon, suede, vinyl, nubuck to leather, canvas, and many more, it cleans a whole lot of sneakers materials. Click here for more details about this cleaning kit.

Directions for use
  • Dip the brush into a bowl containing warm water. 
  • Apply a little quantity of the cleaning solution to the wet brush.
  • Brush your sneakers carefully using the brush.
  • Then, wipe the wet sneakers using the microfiber cloth. Leave to dry.

Features And Details

Outlined below are some of the features and details of the Crep Protect Cleaning Kit 


With over 17,000 hog hair bristles which are just short enough to produce excellent cleaning results, the brush boasts of soft bristles that can be trusted to clean even more delicate materials. 

Made from natural sources

Sourced and made from 98% natural resources such as jojoba, coconut extracts, and water, the new and improved solution is here to yield mind-blowing results.

Soft material

The microfibre cloth is made from ultra-soft, very absorbent, and non-abrasive material to avoid being coarse or scratching the surface of the sneakers while you clean.

Protective case

This cleaning kit comes in a zip-up and compact case which is just perfect for keeping your kit safe and away from harm’s way.


Designed to have the ability to clean over 50 pairs of sneakers thoroughly, you’ll agree with me that this cleaning kit is highly functional. Also, it can be used to clean a whole lot of sneakers materials ranging from nylon, suede, vinyl, nubuck to leather, canvas, and many more.

  • Cleans very well 
  • Has a nice smell 
  • Easy to use 
  • Comes with a safe and compact storage box
  • Great for on the go or to store in locker, car, or sports bag
  • Perfect for sneakers made with all kinds of materials 
  • Quite pricey 

TheCrep Protect Cleaning Kit has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon. A new and improved cleaning solution was released by the Crep brand into the cleaning market and we are loving it. It is highly functional and cleans effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Crep Protect Clean Shoes?

If you’re an ardent user of sneakers, you’ll know that while wearing them is the fun part, cleaning them can be likened to a bit of a nightmare. Work shoes and conventional shoes mostly have uppers that are made from one material in one color. However, sneakers are mostly made with different materials and colors.

And although this contributes to a greater part of the appeal they bring, they automatically become way less desirable when they get dirty. As a result of this, sneakers are mostly confined to their boxes in a cupboard due to the fear that one wrong move will take away their beauty and neatness.

We are grateful for the myriad of options including Crep Protect, that are available for cleaning, protecting, and restoring your sneakers. What this simply implies is that with these cleaning products, you can get your sneakers out of their box and rock them without fear of getting dirty. 

A very popular shoe cleaning product which has been making waves in the market and with good reasons is Crep Protect. Not only is it an effective and affordable means to keep your sneakers clean, but it also contains a range of products that are simple and easy to use while maintaining high functionality and versatility.

Cleaning a pair of sneakers can be tricky and a bit difficult especially if some parts of them are made with very delicate materials such as suede. Crep Protect got you covered with its cleaning kit to take care of all types of sneakers materials.

The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is made up of a natural bristle scrubbing brush, a 100ml cleaning solution, and a microfibre buffing cloth. Other external factors you’ll be needing for your cleaning are just a bowl of warm water and the time factor. 

How do I Use Crep Protect?
  • Loosen the laces from your shoes. This is to enable you to navigate in and around the tongue area without any hitches. Either replace dirty laces with clean or new ones or wash them in a washing machine while they are in a sock or pillowcase. While they are still dry, gently brush off any dust and dirt that’s stuck on the shoes. 
  •  Dip your brush in a bowl of warm water and collect a little quantity of the cleaning solution with the bristles. Scrub the soles and upper areas well. The Crep brand was thoughtful enough to pick short hog-hair bristles specifically for their brush.

This is to strike a perfect balance between being soft enough to not cause any damages to even the most delicate materials and being a tough cleaning agent. Also, the cleaning solution is made of 98% natural ingredients, including water, coconut extracts, and jojoba. Just like the Crep brand will say, “it’s like a spa day for your shoes”.

  • Rinse the brush and brush every excess lather away from the upper areas of the shoes. Then, let the shoes dry. Exercise patience with this part because different materials take different lengths of time to dry. While leather can dry in a space of 5 minutes, suede and thicker materials can take a long time and even hours to dry. When they have dried properly, give them a final buff with the microfibre cloth.
How Do You Clean Dirty Shoelaces?

Most times, shoelaces are the dirtiest part of shoes because they get splattered and splashed with dirt and dust, and they get dragged on the ground. Either replace dirty laces with clean or new ones or wash them in a washing machine while they are in a sock or pillowcase.

Whichever way, clean shoelaces give your shoes a new and different look. A washing machine is the best option for cleaning shoelaces that are made from cotton or other washable materials like polyester or nylon. 

  • The first step towards cleaning your shoelace is to gently brush off any dust and dirt that’s stuck on the shoelaces using a toothbrush or shoe brush. 
  •  Put the laces in a pillowcase and tie it up with a string or you can place them in a mesh bag if you have one. This is to prevent the laces from getting wrapped around the agitator during the wash cycle, resulting in either having ruined shoelaces or worse still, a damaged washing machine.
  • Using a regular laundry cycle, wash the laces and then, air dry them. Avoid drying them with a dryer to avoid shrinking the shoelaces or damaging the plastic tips of the laces. After air-drying for some hours, they will come out looking as good as new. 
If your shoelaces need extra care or if you don’t have a washing machine, you can try out this method:
  • Add about a small cup of hot water to a cup, bowl, or basin.
  • Swirl the shoelaces in the hot water using the handle of a toothbrush. This action is similar to the work of an agitator in washing machines to help remove some of the loose dirt. 
  • Add a little amount of bleach to use water if the laces are white and then swirl with a toothbrush. Then, leave the laces to soak for some time depending on the toughness of the stains on the shoelaces. 
  • Put in some drops of laundry soap and stir. Leave them to stand for about 10 to 12 minutes. 
  • When you’re done with the bleaching process and the shoelaces look clean to you, rinse them thoroughly to get rid of all traces of soap and bleach. Air dry them over a towel bar or on a rack. 

You might want to go over the process again if the stains are not gone totally after the first time. 

Bleach is known to weaken the fibers of shoelaces. So, it’s advisable to use a solution of shoe cleaning solution and warm water to clean your shoelaces instead.


The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit comes in handy whenever you need to clean up your sneakers real well. The ideal cleaning kit that lets you use it even while on the go, it keeps your shoes clean and fresh every time you make use of it.

Just like the brand says, using it can be likened to a full spa day for your sneakers. This is one of the most tender care you can give to your sneakers from time to time to make them look as good as new.

Not only does this kit clean effectively, but it is also highly versatile and functional. It comprises a 100ml cleaning solution, a multifunctional brush that can be used on almost any material, and a microfiber cloth. Your sneakers need cleaning, perhaps not every day, but every once in a while.

Make the cleaning session worth it for both yourself and your shoes by purchasing the Crep Protect Cleaning Kit today and cleaning with it.

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