Can I Use Cleaning Vinegar In My Washing Machine?

Can I Use Cleaning Vinegar In My Washing Machine

Washing machines tend to get dirty after being subjected to a load of cloth cleaning and as such, need to be cleaned from time to time. Cleaning Vinegar is an active ingredient in the cleaning of washing machines. The importance of getting your washing machine all cleaned up and sparkling cannot be underestimated.

Asides from taking away the mold, smell, and grime that comes with dirt, you’ll have no soap scum to deal with after a thorough cleaning. And that’s where cleaning vinegar steps in; to give a refreshing sparkle to the washing machine. Vinegar cleans all sorts of dirt and stains effortlessly  – the build-up, residue, grease, and even hard water stains. 


So, yes. You can use Cleaning vinegar in your washing machine. The mechanism of vinegar is to loosen aluminum chloride or zinc salts, making specks of dirt not stick. It also has antibacterial properties that get rid of odors. Going by the properties of vinegar, it is safe to say that it is the magic ingredient that takes care of just about anything. Like, what can’t be handled by vinegar?

Your washing machine needs a touch of vinegar to shine. It doesn’t clean itself automatically after each use. It needs special attention. The best part? There’s no special, pricey cleaning ingredient needed. Vinegar got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can vinegar damage your washing machine?

Experience has taught us that when used continually, vinegar can have damaging effects on things. For instance, it can cause leakages and even melt hoses. However, when it comes to washing machines, front load washers are more susceptible to be damaged by the continuous use of vinegar. But overall, easy the use vinegar on any type of washing machine to avoid any kind of damages.

Where do you put vinegar in a washing machine?

If you have a top load washer, pour in two cups of white vinegar and let the longest cycle run. For front load washers, the vinegar should be poured into the detergent dispenser. You can rerun the cycle a second time while adding half a cup of baking soda if you need your washing machine to be extra clean. The basin above the water line and the top part of the agitator should be hand-washed for proper cleaning.

What vinegar is best for cleaning?

The best vinegar for cleaning is white distilled vinegar. This is due to the absence of a coloring agent in it preventing it from staining surfaces. Cleaning with darker colors of vinegar can lead to staining.

Do you have to rinse after cleaning with vinegar?

There is no need to rinse after cleaning with vinegar. Just rinse the grime away with clean water. Then, wipe down the doors and knobs with a cloth soaked in white distilled vinegar to prevent the buildup of soap scum.

Does vinegar kill mold?

Vinegar can be used as an effective and cheap treatment for various types of mold. This is because it has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. The typical cleaning white vinegar contains about 5% to 8% acetic acid. This is strong enough to get rid of many types of mold.

Sometimes the idea of cleaning a washing machine, a cleaning machine, doesn’t make sense, right? If it’s not cleaned for a long period, the buildup of soap scum and detergent can begin to cause problems. So, why should you use vinegar in cleaning? It is readily available and relatively affordable. It is a very natural and effective way of getting your washing machine all clean, shiny, and sparkly.

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