Armor All Car Wash Review

Armor All Car Wash Review

The Armor All Car Wash was formulated with the best interest of your car’s finish at heart because we are one of the most trusted names in car care. Your car’s finish is very delicate and important as well, and should not be left in the care of common household cleaning products such as dish soaps.

Regular household cleaning products tend to contain harsh surfactants which can strip your vehicle of its wax protection. Armor All Car Wash is designed to be gentle enough that it won’t tamper with your car’s strip wax, but also strong enough to do away with the toughest kinds of dirt.

To get rid of very tough stains like tar and bugs, pour a considerable quantity of undiluted Car Wash on the affected area and let it sit for some time before scrubbing off. Ensure that you pay attention to usage directions and precautions before making use of any cleaning products.

How To Use

Here’s a detailed guide on how to make use of the Armor All Car Wash

  • Let the car be washed be cool, preferably in a shade.
  • Rinse the car with water to get rid of loose dirt.
  • Using a measurement of 1 oz per gallon, pour the car wash into a bucket and mix with water.
  • Wash the car using a mitt, terry cloth, or a sponge.
  • Rinse off the car with clean water and dry immediately using a dry and soft terry cloth.

Features And Details

Outlined below are the features and details of the Armor All Car Wash

Effective And Powerful

A powerful cleaner that is designed to be gentle enough that it won’t tamper with your car’s strip wax, but also strong enough to do away with the toughest kinds of dirt.

Thorough Cleaning

Cleans thoroughly with its clean-rinsing formula to give you streak-free and spot-free results.


Unlike regular household cleaning products, Armor All Car Wash won’t strip your car of its wax.


It is safe for use on every kind of automotive finish.


  • Value for money 
  • Easy to use 
  • Nice scent
  • Great balance of soap and water


  • This product does not produce enough amount of foam to clean effectively.

Amazon rating

The Armor All Car Wash has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.

Top 5 Armor All Car Wash

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Armor All Attract Dust?

The Armor All brand formulates a product known as the multi-purpose cleaner. This cleaner comes in a white plastic spray bottle whose label is turquoise. The cleaner is non-sticky and non-glossy and can be used to clean just about any surface.

It cleans car dashboards and other automotive surfaces excellently and does not attract dust. Although this is not proven theoretically, this product seems dust repellent. After making use of the product, you’ll find that it takes longer for the dust to build up on automotive surfaces.

Is Armor All Good For My Tires?

Armor All is the known most popular brand of dressing for use on tires. It comes in a can spray that produces foamy Polish and leaves behind a shine that looks wet. But then, tire dressings that come in aerosol cans are not advisable for use on your tires because they cause more harm than good. Most tire dressings that come in aerosol cans are petroleum-based. Due to a lot of chemicals used to prepare the petroleum-based dressings and the chemicals infused to make it fit into the aerosol can, it is just not good for your tires.

Constant use of this causes the tires to develop cracks and turn brown with time. This decreases the performance of the tires and increases the cost of replacement of the tires. Petroleum is just not a good idea when it comes to tires. Also, the use of tire dressing in aerosol cans often makes the excess sprayed land on the fenders and wheels, and this is not good. To top it all, driving your car soon after the application of the tire dressing makes the dressing splash on your car paint.

Is Armor All Good For Your Car?

Anything bad about using the Armor All Cleaning Wipes on parts of your car such as the tires, dashboard, and other vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces? There is absolutely nothing bad about using Armor All on your car. I think that the confusion lies in the components of Armor All Cleaning Wipes. It makes use of water-based silicone emulsions and does not make use of petroleum distillates. So, it is safe.

Petroleum and silicone distillates leave a shiny surface after the initial cleanings. However, it is believed that constant use over time will make them dry out rubber and plastic. This will cause a premature crack on the automative surface. Armor All Cleaning Wipes do not contain petroleum and silicone distillates and are considered safe.

What Are The Benefits Of The Armor All Cleaning Wipes?

• Leaves the cleaned surfaces with a matte and natural finish.

• Carefully formulated to be a powerful cleaner for automotive surfaces.

• Does not fade, dry out or damage automotive surfaces.

• The brand offers effective cleaning and convenience, all in a disposable wipe.

• It is good for cleaning the surfaces on the whole car. This includes the fabric, vinyl, consoles, dashboard, carpet, leather, and other surfaces of your car.

• A convenient disposable wipe designed to get rid of grime, dust, and dirt effectively and efficiently.

• It is lint-free and does not leave any greasy residue on the hands after use.

• Gets rid of grime, dust, and dirt without hassles.

How Do You Use The Armor All Cleaning Wipes?

The Armor All® Wipes can be used on the fabric, vinyl, consoles, dashboard, carpet, leather, and other surfaces of your car.

How to use

• Wipe the surface clean using the Armor All® Cleaning Wipes.

• You can repeat the procedure if necessary.

Does Armor All Crack Dashboards?

Armor All does not crack dashboards. Cracks in dashboards is a result of the flaws in the designs of the dashboards themselves. The vinyl covering on the dashboard or the curvature of the dashboard dries out with age and causes the dashboard to crack. There is no component of the Armor All cleaner or any other water-based dressing that will cause the dashboard to crack.

If you make use of solvent-based dressing continuously, however, it can cause the discoloration, crack, or flaky appearance of the vinyl on the dashboard. It is not advisable to use solvent-based dressings on the interior of an automotive. Does not just cause problems for the dashboard. Can cause damage to the leather interiors, clear plastic, and other plastic parts in the interior of the automotive.

Do Armor All Wipes Work?

The Armor All Cleaning Wipes do an excellent job of getting rid of debris, pollen, and dirt from car interiors. It leaves no streaks and smudges behind after wiping. Also takes little to no time to use. Overall, it is a very convenient cleaner.

The Armor All Cleaning Wipes are just perfect for touching up and giving your automotive surfaces a quick and nice shine. Comes in handy and works well if you do not have a hose. It is good for initiating and completing minor cleanings in and around the car.

How Do You Dispose Of Armor All Wipes?

Used Armor All Cleaning Wipes should be disposed of under all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. The residual wipes should be washed down to the sanitary sewer.

This should be done after contacting the sanitary treatment facility beforehand to be sure that the material to be washed down can be processed. Wash your hands thoroughly after having direct contact with the wipes.


TheArmor All Car Wash is formulated specifically to help you clean road film, grime, and dirt from the exterior surfaces of your car. And in doing this, it also protects your car finish from scratches and being stripped. Forms a rich lather when mixed with ambient water and rinses evenly and neatly with water of any temperature. Don’t leave streaks or spots behind on your car after rinsing.

Gives your car a distinct after-wash shine. The beautiful thing about this car wash is that it is considered safe for use on all types of paint finishes. Has a nice scent and is easy to use. For best results, the car cleaning should be done in a shade and with a sponge. It is quite affordable too. You don’t have anything to lose when you buy this pocket-friendly and efficient car wash.

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