American Standard Self Cleaning Toilet Review

American Standard Self Cleaning Toilet Review

Cleaning and maintaining a healthy and neat front in your home just got easier and better with the American Standard Self-Cleaning Toilet. Considered very safe, this self-cleaning toilet gets rid of stains effectively with just the push of a button.

Besides having dual cleaning cycles (the quick clean and the deep clean), it is accompanied by a supply of cleaning solutions that’ll be sufficient for 9 weeks. This is calculated based on a one quick clean and one deep clean per week dosage. You have a shiny and clean bowl with a fresh fragrance at the end of each cleaning session.

The operating system of this toilet is quite simple. Select a cleaning cycle by pushing the desired button. This causes the cleaning solution to enter the bowl and scrub the walls of the toilet bowl. For a set amount of time, the cleaning solution will saturate in the bowl depending on the selected cycle.

After the cleaning cycle, the system switches automatically to the rinse cycle, washing off the cleaning solution and rinsing the bowl. The constituents of the American Standard Self-Cleaning Toilet include:

  • Tank
  • Wax Ring
  • Bowl
  • One Cleaning Cartridge
  • Seat
  • 4AA Batteries included to give you up to 1 year of battery life

Features And Details

The self-cleaning function of the American Standard Self Cleaning toilet is its major spotlight as it is intuitive enough to not need any instructions to learn or understand the way it operates. It has just two buttons – the Deep Clean which takes 10 minutes to complete and the Quick Clean which takes a minute to rinse. The cartridge and battery replacement indication which has a led light display is self-explanatory already. Let’s take a look at the features and details of the American Standard Self Cleaning toilet in details.


With just the push of a button, this self-cleaning toilet gets rid of stains effectively and efficiently.

Quick Clean Cycle

Features the quick clean cycle which is a cycle that lasts for one minute. It is ideal for use for regular cleanings and should be carried out in between series of deep clean cycles.

Deep Clean Cycle

This clean cycle cleans the interior of the toilet bowl exhaustively in 10 minutes.

Triple Power Cleaning Action

The Triple Power Cleaning Action is an upgraded and more thorough cleaning cycle away from the quick and the deep clean cycles. It works the cleaning solution into even the parts of the toilet bowl that are hard to access including under the rim. This cleaning action features VorMax Jetted Scrub, Cleaning Power, and Smooth CleanCurve Rim.

CleanCurve Rim

Cleancurve rim is used especially for cleaning the rim area where trapped dirt and buildup of stains hideaway. It is one of the features of the triple power cleaning action.

EverClean Glaze

An EverClean glaze is used to finish the whole toilet surface. Even after years of use, its super smooth nature makes it easy to clean and maintain. The surface is also anti-microbial and prevents the accumulation and growth of bacteria that cause odor. Another amazing benefit of the EverClean glaze is that toilets with the finish remain clean for longer periods than toilets with the conventional finish.


The cleaning system which is operated by a battery is powered by 4AA batteries. These are included in the self-cleaning toilet pack and can give you up to 1 year of battery life.

Plastic Seat

It also features a sturdy plastic seat that comes with a release button that is used for removing the seat to enable you to navigate the toilet cleaning quickly and easily. This beautiful slow-close seat has an aesthetic design and great build quality. Has anti-slip bumpers to hold the seat tightly in place to ensure that the seat doesn’t move even when your buttocks can. The seat has also been made easier and safer to lift with the introduction of a sanitary lift tab.

Easy Installation

When you purchase this self-cleaning toilet, you’ll find on arrival of your purchase, that all that’s needed for the installation of this toilet is included. Better news? It can also be tightened with just the hand. This makes it an easy DIY job with the standard 12″ rough-in and toilet flange.

VorMax Flush Technology

In between deep clean cycles, the VorMax Flush Technology is used to maintain a neat bowl. This is unarguably the best flushing system when it comes to efficiency in bowl rinsing and clearing of bulk waste.

Removable Cleaning Cartridge

Include in the toilet pack is a cleaning solution that’ll be sufficient for 9 weeks. This is calculated based on a one quick clean and one deep clean per week dosage.

Easy Lift-Off, Slow Close Seat

The seat attached to this toilet is easy to lift with the introduction of the sanitary lift tab and has a slow-close feature.

Child Lock Feature

Has a Child Lock feature that prevents children and their inquisitive nature from activating the cleaning cycle for fun. It also serves to keep them safe. We are still talking about a toilet here after all and safety is the priority.

WaterSense Certification

Certified by WaterSense for using water sparingly. It is known to have a low water consumption of just 1.28 gpf.


Features a comfortable height sitting level which makes it easy and convenient for use even for people with leg injuries and bad knees.


  • Powerful flushing system 
  • Effective bowl rinsing 
  • Nice fragrance 
  • Cleans well 
  • Easy to understand and operate 


  • Quite pricey 

Amazon rating

The American Standard Self Cleaning toilet has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on Amazon. It is gaining ground in the market and if the brand keeps to the quality, standards, and unique features, it’ll possibly take over the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s The Mechanism Of A Self-Cleaning Toilet?

The self-cleaning feature of a self-cleaning toilet is just an addition placed on VorMax flushing toilets by the brand owners, American Standard. All of the cleaning control mechanism is constructed to fit on the lid of the tank and has a battery compartment, a cleaning cartridge holder and a control panel. You can access the control panel through a cover that can be flipped up at the back of the tank lid, as it is built to be a separate compartment.

It features two cleaning buttons as well as indicators to let you know when you’re running low on cleaning solution or battery power. If you want to replace the batteries or the cleaning solution cartridge, just flip up the main cover on the tank lid to gain access. I think it’s quite easy to comprehend and operate.

How To Use The American Standard Self-Cleaning Toilet

Let’s take a look at a detailed guide on how to make use of the self-cleaning toilet.

Selecting your desired cleaning cycle (there are two: the deep clean and the quick clean cycle) will make the toilet system dole out some cleaning solution into the toilet bowl. Water from the tank mixes with the solution and the mixture flows out through the bowl channel. The force of the flowing water scours the whole surface of the bowl, cleans it from up to down, gives off a fresh fragrance, and then settles into the bowl to soak for a specific period.

At the end of the soaking time, the system switches automatically to the rinse cycle and rinses the toilet bowl while draining off the cleaning solution. By the time this is done, you’ll have a neat and freshly scented toilet bowl. Press down on both the Quick Clean and the Deep Clean buttons together for about three seconds to activate the child-lock function. Do the same when you want to deactivate too.

How Will You Benefit From The Self-Cleaning Feature?

Some people will say that the self-cleaning feature may not be as effective as advertised. It is even alleged that it is just there to dispense cleaning solution. But that’s not true. The functions of the self-cleaning toilet depend on how you sync it with your cleaning routine. There are complaints about stains on the bowl from users. Permit me to say that these stains usually form due to the build-up of residues that didn’t flush well. The self-cleaning toilet comes in handy here to deal with the stains that will otherwise be eliminated by cleaning manually.

Ensure that you do a Quick Clean and a Deep Clean cycle once weekly and you’ll have little or no need to scrub the bowl manually. Then, some people don’t believe that even with a cleaning solution, water can clean as effectively as a brush. It is only those who have not seen the power and efficiency of the VorMax flushing system who are still unbelievers.


The American Standard brand is breaking boundaries and setting new records with this two-piece 1.28 gpf gravity flush Vormax toilet. A major highlight is a self-cleaning feature that is built into the flushing system. It cannot be programmed to function automatically, neither can it just up and begin to clean up by itself.  To activate the self-cleaning, you need to push a button and the action will, in turn, dole out a dose of cleaning solution into the toilet bowl before the actual cleaning begins.

There are two cleaning modes attached to this toilet: the Deep Clean and the Quick Clean cycles. Quick clean is a cleaning cycle that lasts for a minute and is used for regular upkeep in between the Deep Clean cycles. Deep Clean cycle is a more thorough and effective cleaning cycle and lasts for 10 minutes.

Even if you’re in doubt of every other thing, never be in doubt about the bowl rinsing efficiency and the flushing power because when the self-cleaning feature is taken away, the toilet goes back to being the renowned VorMax. There’s nothing to not love about this piece of art. I think it’s great value for your money.

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