Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit Review

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit Review

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit is the answer to everything concerning keeping your camera and all of its associated attachments in optimum working condition. Features all that’s needed to strengthen and lengthen the lifespan of your lenses and camera. The exceptional value and quality offered in this cleaning kit cannot be matched by what other brands have to offer.

It comes in handy for all levels of photographers and works well with every model and make of camera. Has an aesthetic appearance and so, is a great gift idea. It can also be carried about easily without fear of damage. 

Features And Details

Outlined below are the features and details of the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit.

Items In The Cleaning Kit

The items in the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit include:

  • Altura Photo High-Quality Lens Brush
  • Handy Empty Spray Bottle
  • Altura Photo Lens Cleaning Pen System
  • 3 MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Altura Photo 50 Sheets Lens Tissue Paper
  • Altura Photo Air Blower Cleaner


All cleaning products from Altura are backed with a 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from Digital Goja.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Made from the highest quality microfibers, Altura boasts of having the best Microfiber cleaning cloths online. The microfiber cloths are designed to be very fine, making them leave no streaks, scratches, and marks behind after cleaning. Also safe to use on all types of lenses and surfaces.

Lens Cleaning Pen

This is all about two cleaning tools – a soft removable brush to get rid of debris and dust particles, and a soft pad featuring a cleaning agent that’s not liquid which is used to clean off smudges and fingerprints.

Air Blower Cleaner

The air blower cleaner employs the mechanism of cleaning with air. It produces a strong stream of air that is directed at the body of the camera, sensor, mirror, lens, or whatever else you want to clean. The powerful stream of air produced aims to blow specks and dirt away from the surfaces to be cleaned. And the best part of cleaning with an air blower cleaner? Cleaning is done easily without involving the use of any harsh chemicals.

Refillable Plastic Spray Bottle

Note that the plastic spray bottle comes EMPTY in the kit. You’ll then fill it with your desired cleaning solution or water. Place at a strategic position in your home or office for easy access.

Altura Photo Lens Cleaning Tissue (50 sheets)

Considered safe for use on every kind of multicoated lens, the Altura Photo Lens Cleaning Tissue comes at a premium. One thing I love personally about this is its packaging. Individually, each tissue paper booklet is packed neatly in its polyurethane plastic bag to ensure that it’s safe and lasts long.

Professional Cleaning Brush

This cleaning brush is made with very soft but firm bristles to help you sweep dirt, dust, and debris off your lens or camera easily and effectively.


The Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit is suitable and can be used for every type of optics and lens such as scanners, sunglasses, eyeglasses, telescopes, binoculars, and jewelry. Also works well with every model and make of camera.


  • Easy to use 
  • Very soft on lenses and cameras, which prevents damage to the parts that need cleaning.
  • Easy to move around and so, ideal for traveling.
  • Offers good value for money 
  • Durable 
  • Built with materials of high quality.


  • The brush in this package is poorly made.
  • The spray bottle seems to smear badly on the sensor.

Amazon rating

The Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why You Should Clean Camera Lenses

The quality of the image produced is largely affected by the condition of the camera lens. Crisp and sharp images are produced by clean lenses. In addition, clean lenses tend to last longer than dirty lenses. Well, for obvious reasons.

So, you need to clean your camera lenses regularly to ensure that they’re well protected always, and u make sure that whenever you call on them to produce good quality images, they’ll deliver well enough.

How Do I Perform A Dirt Test On A Camera Lens?

When you check your lenses for dirt regularly, you get to know when they are due for their routine cleaning. Look at how you get it done:

Set The Focus To Infinity

Set your camera to Manual mode to enable you to adjust the focus. When you must have done this, turn the focus ring to infinity. You’ll see specks of dust clearly in the viewfinder when you turn the focus ring to infinity.

Take A Photo Of A Plain Surface

Get a good plain surface and take a picture of it. You can do a two-shot approach to get more accurate results. Take pictures of dark-colored and light-colored surfaces alike to help you detect dust particles easily on the pictures.

Examine The Photos You’ve Taken Recently

When you must have put your camera in Playback mode, zoom in on the photos you took recently. Inspect the pictures carefully for any signs of dust particles or hazy spots. You’ll know that it’s time to clean your camera lens when you find any dirt.

Check For Other Signs Of A Dirty Camera Lens

Check the rear element of your lens for smudge and dust. Also, check inside the lens for signs of mold. If you find molds, I advise that you take your lens to an authorized camera cleaning personnel for cleaning rather than doing it yourself. It’s always safer that way.

What Tools Do I Need For Cleaning My Camera Lens?

As far as you’re using the correct lens cleaning kit, the process of cleaning the camera lenses should be straightforward. You need to invest in high-quality camera cleaning tools to keep your camera lens in perfect working conditions.

Here are the four most essential things you need to have in your lens cleaning kit:

Air Blower

Blowing air with your mouth on the lens to get rid of dust and dirt is not good for your lens – the acids in your breath can damage the coatings on the lens. It is safer to use a manual air blower to remove dust and dirt from the lens. Buy a portable air blower. It needs to be handy for outdoor shoots and traveling purposes, should your lens get dusty.

Soft-bristled Brushes

A soft-bristled brush made from goat hair or camel hair is ideal for protecting the sensitive camera lens from getting scratched during the cleaning process. If your fingers are oily, do not touch the brush bristles to prevent smudging your lens after you must have brushed it.

Microfiber Cloth And Cleaning Wipes

Dispose of lens cleaning wipes immediately after use. You’ll be putting dirt back on your lens when you reuse a cleaning wipe. Also, make sure that the microfiber cloth you’re using is clean. And in situations where you washed the microfiber cloth, avoid using a fabric softener on your lens because it has chemicals in it that can damage the coatings on the lens and can even leave streaks on your lens.

Cleaning fluid

The lens cleaning fluid does its job – removing smudges and fingerprints, and doesn’t leave any streaks behind. A drop or two of the cleaning fluid is just the right amount to get the job done. Putting a lot of cleaning fluid on the cleaning cloth causes excess fluid to flow into the lens, and can cause damage to the camera’s optics.

How Do I Clean A Camera Lens?

Outlined below is a detailed guide on how to keep your camera lens in good working condition.

  • Remove as much dirt as you can using a soft-bristled brush and an air blower.
  • Then, add one or two drops of lens cleaning fluid to a cleaning wipe or a microfiber cloth.
  • Beginning from the outer part, wipe the lens in circles towards the center, gently removing oils, fingerprints, dust, smudges, and dirt.

How Do I Keep My Camera Lens Clean?

Here are some tips to keep your camera lens clean:

  • Always attach the lens cap before you place your camera in a bag.
  • Your camera bag should be the default storage space for your camera lens.
  • Do not place the lens on dusty surfaces.
  • Make sure that you attach another lens immediately or you attach the camera cap immediately you remove the lens from the body of the camera.
  • Attach the lens cap whenever you’re not using the camera.


The Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit features all that’s needed to strengthen and lengthen the lifespan of your lenses and camera. In addition to working well with every model and make of camera, it is suitable and can be used for every type of optics and lens such as scanners, sunglasses, eyeglasses, telescopes, binoculars, and jewelry.

Built with high-quality materials, this cleaning kit is easy to use and is very soft on lenses and cameras, which prevents damage to the parts that need cleaning. Being portable and having an aesthetic appearance makes it ideal for traveling as well as the perfect gift idea. It is durable too and offers great value for money.

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