5 Best Washing Machine Cleaners for Front Loader

5 Best Washing Machine Cleaners for Front Loader

Washing clothes and fabric items of different types is part of indispensable for any household as well as units in the hospitality industry. There are two types of washing machines for domestic as well as commercial uses.

The front-loading and the top-loading washing machines but the front-loading models are more popular. A basic necessity in maintaining the washing machine is cleaning it regularly.

Users will however need the best cleaners available. So here is the information relating to the 5 best washing machines cleaner for a front loader. 

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OxiClean Washing Machine...image OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters, 4 Count
Washing Machine Cleaner...image Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide for Front and Top Loader Washer Machines,(2.6oz each) (Pack of 5) (Packaging May Vary)
Washing Machine Cleaner...image Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler 24 Pack - Deep Cleaning Tablets For HE Front Loader & Top Load Washer, Septic Safe Eco-Friendly Deodorizer, Clean Inside Drum And Laundry Tub Seal - 12 Month Supply
Affresh W10549846 Washing...image Affresh W10549846 Washing Machine Cleaner, 5 Tablets, White, 5 Count
Glisten Washer Magic...image Glisten Washer Magic Washing Machine Cleaner and Deodorizer, 4 Bottles

1. OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters, 4 Count 

This is one of the best washing machine cleaners for front loader models. Users of the front loading washing machines often encounter the problem of stinking odors even though the clothes and other fabrics have been washed in the machine.

The cleaner removes the stinking contents in the machine and the washed fabrics come odor-free as result. The cleaner is also one of the best odor busters in the market.

The package is eco-friendly because recyclable materials are used to manufacture the box that has dimensions of 1.88 x 3.63 x 6.63 inches in respect of LWH and its weight is 12.8 Ounces.

The cleaner should be applied only after removing all clothes and fabrics from the machine. The cleaner should be directly dumped in the washing machine drum. 


  • The cleaner works to clean out sticky washing machines; 
  • The cleaner cleans out all foul smells making the washed items smell fresh; 
  • It does not affect septic tanks; and
  • The cleaner can be used in all types of washing machines. 


  • The user has to follow the directions of the manufacturers or else the machine won’t be cleaned as required.
  • The product itself has a bad odor. 
  • The cleaner ingredients are disodium carbonate and sodium per-carbonate. It is available in powder form in 4 count boxes.


2. Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide 5 Count

This product finds an easy entry in the list of best washing machine cleaner for the front loader as it can be used for cleaning any model. The product comes in 5 count box that is manufactured using recyclable materials and is therefore eco-friendly.

It is available in tablet forms. It is specially designed to clean out residual substances in the washing machine and make it odor-free. In recent times the consumers are growing conscious about water preservation and waste prevention.

But the use of less water can result in storing residues creating a bad odor in the machine. This cleaner can take care of such residual elements creating foul smells. Developed by the leading brand “Tide” this washing machine cleaner is stored in containers with a length, width, and height of 7.5 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches and its weight is 1.17 Pounds. 


  • It can clean up conveniently the invisible areas   of the washing machine;
  • It effectively cleans up the back of the tub, drain, and hoses among others; 
  • It can be used in all types of front loading washing machines and even their top-loading counterparts; and 
  • Prevents build-up of any foul smell in the washing machine.


  • The cleaner cannot be used with clothes inside the machine; and
  • In less efficient machines it will require hot water for running the cleaning cycle. 

3. Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler 24 Pack 

Due to its deep cleaning capabilities, this cleaner is considered one of the best washing machine cleaners for a front loader.

Unlike their top leading counterparts, front loaders have many sectors that are not ordinarily visible. Descaler can reach out to those areas and clean them well.

That is why it is used for cleaning inside of the drum as well as laundry seals. On application; the tablets convert into high scrubbing powder and instantly start clearing different parts of the washing machine.

The package has dimensions of 7.4 x 6.57 x 0.75 inches for LWH and its weight is 11.36 Ounces. 


  • The cleaner comprehensively cleans out all hidden parts of the washing machine;
  • It can work with all types of washing machines including high-efficiency models; 
  • It is usable in all top brands like LG, Hitachi, GE, Samsung, Electrolux, Maytag, and Whirlpool among others; 
  • These tablets are septic safe and come in low packaging packs; 
  • These are eco-friendly products’
  • It can instantly clean out the washing machine; 
  • Is ideal for pet owners to remove all animal odors; and
  • It is one of the best odor eliminators around. 


  • Buyers have to purchase the package containing products in 24 packs; and
  • Thus the product is a little more expensive than many others. 

4. Affresh W10549846 Washing Machine Cleaner 

The cleaner can clean all types of the front as well as top-loading washing machines including the high-efficiency washing machines.

As it makes deep cleaning of the washing machine it covers all the hidden areas of the machine cleaning the residues left behind in the machine creating bad odors.

That is why it is listed in the ranks of best washing machine cleaner for front loaders. Since the tablets dissolve slowly they can stand out for the entire cleaning circle for which the machine is used.

Users can make their washing machines safer and cleaner with these tablets without any inconveniences. 


  • These cleaning tablets penetrate, dissolve, as well as remove odor creating elements from all parts of the machine; 
  • It dissolves slowly and therefore covers the entire wash circle of the machine; 
  • The tablets can break up residues faster than traditional bleach;
  • It is safe using irrespective of the model and makes of the washing machine; and
  • The tablets are septic tank safe.  


  • Buyers need to purchase the tablets every month because the pack is designed for covering a month only.
  • This means that users can apply the tablets once a month without gaps. 

The manufacturer offers two items in a single pack that can be used for different washing machine models. 

5. Glisten Washer Magic Machine Cleaner

This cleaner is ranked among the best washing machine cleaner for front loader because it has the unique capability of cleaning any residue build-up as well other sources of foul smells from all parts of the washing machine.

The Safer-Choice winner comes in a pack of 2 weighing 24 ounces. The manufacturer company Glistens that specializes in designing machine cleaning products has made this one with a unique combination of powerful performance; safety; and odor removal in mind.

Since the manufacturer company has made it liquid form it can be conveniently used for cleaning of washing machines of any type. Package dimensions in terms of LWH are 2.19 x 4.38 x 6.81 inches and weight is 1.5 Pounds


  • This is one of the most versatile cleaners for front loading washing machines;
  • It can clean door seals, drawers, as well as all hidden areas of the washing machine that are not ordinarily visible from the outside; 
  • Buyers can buy their desired quantity from the stores as it comes in various sizes of contents; 
  • It helps to remove abrasive mineral build-ups in the washing machine; and
  • It does not use bleach or harmful chemicals that can damage the machine.


  • When applied it can create a smell of its own; 
  • It may especially result in creating mold smell; and
  • The container comes with contents covering three uses only.

There are many others but when it comes to the best washing machine cleaner for front loader the above 5 can be considered safe for best results. 

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