5 Best Cleaning Agent Under $600

5 Best Cleaning Agent Under $600

Cleaning your home may be the challenging part but it is the most fun and entertaining part if you have the right and best cleaning agents.

Also, cleaning doesn’t mean killing the germs but it also reduces the risk of floor or surface damage and should improve the natural beauty of the floor. 

1. Alconox Liquinox Anionic Cleaning Liquid Detergent

This Alconox cleaning liquid detergent is used for both manual and ultrasonic critical cleaning applications. This cleaning detergent is considered biodegradable as it is free of phosphates and interfering residue.

This liquid detergent is authorized by the USDA and also the pH level is 8.5 as it is a concentrated solution so it is safer to clean any kind of surfaces. This detergent has the capacity to soluble in both hard and soft water.

It is specifically designed so that it can be used as a commercial all-purpose cleaners and all-purpose household cleaners.

It acts as a professional cleaner so you can clean your kitchenware and glassware products. 


  • It got so many positive reviews from the customer as it makes a record by producing this cleaning solution. Even the process of using this liquid is also simple, as you need to apply the liquid to the surface and washed with distilled water for effective results


  • But this product has some issues that it is leaving some residue after the cleaning and the residue can be removed only after several items of washing 

2. Lek Sesqui’s Geki Ochi Alkaline Electrolyzed Water

This alkaline electrolyzed water is the safest and secure product, as every product can assure you to clean the toughest stain but some products in the market will be performing high performance and also it will be safe.

This product is one among this product, and also in the list of performance. 

It is used to clean the oil stains in the kitchen, soap scum in the bathroom, and also other stains that can be removed by normal cleaning. Based on the effect and the degree of dirt, you need to use the cleaner. 


  • It comprises learning, sterilization, and deodorization, and it comes at the top of the list of health and household and all-purpose household cleaners
  • It will remove any kind of stain in the first wipe and you don’t need a second wipe


  • Even though it is helping to clean all kinds of stains and can be used on all kinds of surfaces, still there are certain things like electronic items where the cleaner is not working effectively. 

3. Leather Honey Cleaning Kit

If you are looking for a cleaning agent that works on your leather product and also make it better, and then this leather honey cleaning kit will be the best choice.

It helps to protect and restore the leather, by removing all the oily residues.  Also, the best thing about the product is it is non-toxic and water repellent so it is safer and secure to use.  

This conditioner will make the leather lasts for a longer time, and it is used to clean and restores the products like leather, faux leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

You can clean the leather products quickly using this solution and it will help to restore the color of the leather. It will gently clean the surface of the leather without causing any damage.


  • This is considered non-toxic as the solution doesn’t consist of any silicone solvents or animal products
  • This odorless leather protecting solution will protect the leather for a longer period as it is designed using the water-repellent formula


  • This leather conditioner solution is working on certain types of leather only, as in some leather it is not bringing any shine 

4. Unger Cleaning Liquid

Unger cleaning liquid is considered a professional product and is mostly used as a window cleaning soap. This is also called a smart cleaning tool because of its quality, and also economical to use.

Its main role is to clean the window, without leaving any streaks. The process of cleaning is simple and easy, as you need to mix the liquid in water and the concentration of the liquid entirely depends on the dirt.

Once the solution is made into a concentrated form, you can apply this to your window and can get effective results. Apart from the cleaning, this liquid also helps to provide a pleasant smell.

Most people loved this product as it is getting a lot of positive reviews from people. This product comes with excellent cleaning power and it comes at an affordable rate. 


  • You can able to clean the window and turn it into a sparkling one in a few minutes
  • The wastage can be prevented and it is easier to apply


  • After cleaning the window with this solution, proper rinsing should be done to avoid the streaky surface

5. TweetMint Enzyme Cleaner

This is the best cleaning agent that comes under $600 and also is considered the best natural cleaning product as it cleans the whole house.

It is used to clean the glass, stainless steel, fabrics, carpet, tile, wood, and so on. Also, it can work effectively on grime and stains and it will provide a pleasant odor.

This cleaner is non-toxic and considered to be the safer product so it won’t affect any people, pets, or environment. 

Based on the product, the concentration of the solution can be differing.

The light concentrated solution can be used for products like a window, stainless steel, leather; the medium concentrated solution is used for carpet, kitchen and bathroom, laundry, and tile; and the strong concentrated solution is used for the car, floor mopping, and septic. 


  • This is a natural product, biodegradable, and also a pH-balanced product
  • In this cleaner, they didn’t use any synthetic or volatile chemicals, and it will replace the caustic arsenal cleaners


  • Even though it is used to clean the whole house, it is bringing effective results while cleaning the toilet because of its high water content

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